My Path to CALS

There is more than one path to CALS. We want you here, and we’ll help find the right path for you.

Freshman Admission

The most common path to CALS is freshmen admission. Roughly 44% of freshmen applicants were accepted in 2016, and 40% or 510 students were from rural N.C. communities. of 510 students.

  • We use a holistic admissions process and consider more than applicant SAT/ACT scores and GPA.
  • We understand that leadership experience in organizations such as 4-H and FFA, an agricultural background, or participation in NC State programs are strong indicators for student success.

Fall Semester – directly after high school graduation
Spring Semester – agricultural gap experience the fall after high school graduation, with classes starting in the spring

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Agricultural Institute (AGI)

  • Direct admission after high school graduation
  • Two year Associate of Applied Science Degree in six majors
  • Transfer opportunities to four-year program with AGI degree

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  • Students participate in a CALS summer session and take first year of coursework at an North Carolina community college.
  • Students receive mentoring and personalized academic advising to ensure credits earned apply toward CALS degree.
  • Students completing all program requirements are guaranteed admission into their preferred CALS program.

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Community College Partnership Program

  • Admission to CALS in a structured 1+3 or 2+2 program with a partner NC community college

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  • ASPIRE is designed to bridge deficits in performance on the ACT for rural high school sophomores and juniors.
  • Students receive 30 hours of ACT course instruction, ACT study manual and practice questions, with access.

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