SAT/ACT Average Scores in North Carolina Counties

Top 10 Livestock/Crop Producing Counties vs. Urban Counties

Below is a table depicting the average ACT and SAT scores for the top livestock and crop producing counties in North Carolina as they compare to those of Raleigh Charter High School, Chapel-Hill Carrboro City Schools and Wake County schools (urban counterparts). All scores are compared to the NC State incoming freshman class average of Fall 2014.

On average, the top ten livestock and crop producing counties (a total of 15 counties within North Carolina) had a deficit of 328 points on the SAT and a deficient of 10.8 points on the ACT.

These counties bring in a great deal of money for North Carolina, yet their young adults are finding it increasingly difficult to further their education. Often, private standardized test preparation tools and tutors are luxuries that students in rural, economically distressed counties may not be able to afford. ASPIRE offers rural high school students a cost-effective way to increase their ACT scores and become more competitive when they apply to college.