Benefits of STEAM
  1. Students who successfully complete the requirements of the STEAM program are guaranteed admission to the agriculture major to which they applied at NC State University beginning their sophomore year.
  2. STEAM students receive personalized mentoring and academic advising, including course registration advising, to ensure that the courses taken in their freshman year will transfer into NC State and count toward their NC State degree.
  3. STEAM students are encouraged to enroll in course work at NC State during the 2nd summer session after their high school graduation as non-degree seeking (NDS) students through the STEAM program. They will receive a special academic introduction to their intended major and take courses toward that major.
  4. STEAM students participating in the 2nd summer session develop knowledge of the NC State campus and develop critical networks with other students, faculty, and staff.
  5. STEAM students return to NC State once per semester in their freshman year for STEAM Weekends. Students stay on campus for STEAM Weekends and participate in athletic events, community service projects, and academic and admissions workshops.