Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I participate in STEAM if I get invited?
The STEAM program provides a smooth transition to NC State and the opportunity for guaranteed admission. STEAM students receive personal mentoring and academic advising, including course registration advising, to ensure that the courses they take in their freshman year will transfer and count toward their NC State degree. STEAM students participating in Summer Session II develop knowledge of the NC State campus and develop critical networks with other students, faculty and staff.

Can I apply to STEAM?
No, the STEAM program is invitation only. Select students who apply to NC State are invited to participate in the program based on their academic profile and a genuine interest in agriculture. Students who have previous college credit must have less than 14 transferable credit hours, not counting AP credit.

What if I'm not sure if I'm interested in agriculture?
STEAM is probably not a good fit for you. STEAM is an alternative admissions pathway for rural North Carolina students with a genuine interest in agriculture. Participants changing their program to a non-participating STEAM major will no longer be eligible to participate in the program.

How will I know if my first-year college courses will transfer?
Each STEAM student receives individual advising and support. The STEAM Coordinator works with each STEAM student to build a schedule that will transfer into his or her desired agriculture program at NC State.

How much does STEAM cost?
There is no fee to participate in STEAM. STEAM students pay the appropriate tuition and fees at each institution they attend. For Summer Session II, STEAM students will pay tuition, fees, and housing costs to NC State (approximately $3,000). During the fall and spring semester of their freshman year, students will pay the tuition and fees at the community college they choose to attend. Once STEAM students have transferred to NC State, they pay NC State tuition and fees starting the fall semester of their sophomore year.

Why should I participate in Summer Session II?
Summer Session II provides the opportunity for STEAM students to take 6 hours of coursework at NC State, live on campus, and learn what it means to be a member of the Wolfpack. During the summer session, STEAM students will have the opportunity to build lasting relationships with each other, connect with NC State faculty and staff, and learn to navigate campus, its resources, and our surrounding community. CALS offers activities regularly to introduce students to the STEAM program and NC State.