Summer Session II


STEAM Students are strongly encouraged to participate in Summer Session II in the summer between high school graduation and their freshman year. Summer Session II provides the opportunity for STEAM students to take 6 hours of coursework at NC State, live on campus, and learn what it means to be a member of the Wolfpack. During summer session, STEAM students will have the opportunity to build lasting relationships with each other, connect with NC State faculty and staff, and learn to navigate campus, its resources, and our surrounding community. Activities are offered regularly to provide a thorough introduction to the STEAM program and to NC State.


Summer Session II is a five-week summer session. STEAM students take 2 courses which each meet every day. Courses are carefully selected to ensure students receive an introduction to NC State level coursework. STEAM students take courses in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences which will ultimately count toward their NC State degree. The STEAM Coordinator will place students in their courses for their first summer session.


STEAM students must live in University Residence Halls during the summer session when they are enrolled as non-degree students at NC State. This is a program requirement intended to provide a supportive community and strong foundation for making a smooth transition to the University.

Estimated Costs

The estimated cost of Summer Session II is $3,000, which covers tuition, fees, and housing. Parking, meals, and books are additional costs. STEAM students do not pay an additional fee for summer session; they pay the same tuition and fees as all NC State students.

Why Should I Participate?

Hear from STEAM students themselves why the summer session is so important:

  • "I feel like it prepared me to have a successful freshman year and I cannot wait to come back as a member of 'The Pack'!"
  • "The classes were challenging, but achievable with hard work. I was confident that after doing well in summer session II, I would be back for my sophomore year full time as an NC State student."
  • "With the opportunity STEAM has offered me, I have been able to get ahead in college and become more familiar with NC State's campus. Being able to meet other students in CALS has also allowed me to make many new friends."
  • "This program helped me grasp the concept of what college at NCSU will be like, and I absolutely loved it!"