VetCAMP (Veterinary Camp) is a five-day summer camp program for high school students interested in the field of veterinary medicine. The camp is designed for students who aspire to become veterinary healthcare professionals and is a preview into the vast career opportunities available. Through presentations, demonstrations, laboratories, visits, and in-depth, hands-on activities, students will learn all about modern veterinary medicine.

VetCAMP 2016 Program Dates

Week 1: July 11-15, 2016
Week 2: July 18-22, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I attend and how much is it?

Any high school student with an interest in veterinary medicine may apply to attend. Along with the application, please include your transcript and an essay explaining your interest in attending VetCAMP and what you hope to gain from the experience.  A processing fee of $25 will be required with each application.  The cost of the camp is $500 which includes meals, field trips, workshop materials, entertainment, and great giveaways including VetCAMP t-shirts and backpacks.  The camp fee will be paid only once the applicant has been accepted.  We will have a waitlist of 10 campers for each week.

How do I apply?

VetCamp 2015 Application Period is CLOSED. Please check back for information on VetCamp 2016!

Fill out the VetCamp 2015 Application (option to sign up for either week included), include an essay of less than 250 words explaining why you are interested in participating in VetCAMP and what you hope to learn from the program, a transcript, and a payment in the form of a check made out to NCSU or NC State University.  If you are applying to both camp weeks only one application is needed however we require two processing fees of $25 ($50 total). In addition please mark on your application that you are applying for both weeks, as well as indicate the week you prefer. (We will start receiving applications beginning on 31st January, 2015. Please DO NOT send the applications before 31st January, 2015).  Applications must be postmarked by 31st March, 2015.

What's in it for me?

If you have been interested in a career in veterinary medicine, then this example of 2012 program will provide you with an understanding of the challenges and rewards of this profession. You will have the opportunity to interact with other students who have a similar passion and begin forging future relationships with those who care about science and medicine for animals. We offer various sessions designed to meet different educational and developmental levels, and VetCAMP will challenge and stimulate you in innovative, fun and exciting ways.

Some of the exciting elements that you will experience in VetCAMP include:

  • Site tour of the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Animal Organ systems-related dissections
  • Lectures relating to different aspects of the field of Veterinary Medicine
  • Trips to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences and the Piedmont Wildlife Center
  • Fun games relating the Veterinary Medicine
  • Other demonstrations and hands-on activities

And most importantly, you'll make new friends who have the same interests and career goals.

Where can I stay if I am out-of-state or not a commuter student?
As a part of the VetCAMP experience, students may choose on-campus housing at University Towers for an additional fee. Please complete this reservation form to reserve housing. 

Estimated cost of on-campus housing at University Towers:

  • Double Room* (2 students/room)
    • With meals: $153 per camper
    • Without meals: $18.50 per night or $92.50 for five-night stay
  • Single Room** (1 student/room)
    • With meals: $210.50 per camper
    • Without meals: $30/night or $150 per five-night stay

Meals includes 4 breakfasts and 5 dinners. If you do not opt into the discounted pre-paid option for meals, you may still buy them separately at our normal, over the counter rate: $6.00 for breakfast and $8.25 for dinner. There are no refunds for unused meals if the discount pre-pay option is selected.

*Students in a double room will share a room with another VetCAMP student and a bathroom with an adjacent room, also housing a VetCAMP student.
** Students in a single room will not share a room, but will share a bathroom with the adjacent room, also housing a VetCAMP student.

Note: Payment for housing will have to be done separately at University Towers and should not be included in the check mailed for the VetCAMP fee.

Want more information? Visit the VetPAC website or email