Scholarships Selection Process

The CALS Scholarship and Awards Committee reviews applications each year and selects students who meet the requirements set by each scholarship’s donors. Eligibility may include any of these criteria:

  • Academic merit or potential,
  • Professional interests,
  • Extracurricular activities, and/or
  • Academic major
  • Financial need
  • Residency status (State of residency, County of Residency)

To remain in good standing, scholarship recipients must:

  • Meet each scholarship’s academic requirements (described in scholarship portal for recipient)
  • Send a thank-you note to the award steward(s) and upload copy of note into scholarship portal
  • Attend the CALS Donor Recognition Event hosted by the donor(s) during the spring semester (date/time TBD)
  • Re-apply for their scholarship each year (application guarantees consideration, but not necessarily renewal)

Do you have a question about CALS scholarships or other financial aid? Email