Dairy Production

Dairy Production training is able to provide participants with the latest information about dairy genetics, management techniques, reproduction systems, technology, and nutrition.

NC State is well equipped to provide this training. The course will feature both classroom style lectures along with off-campus visits to places relevant to the field of study. Lecturers and trainers will include a mix of university professors and professionals. All training sessions are customized to meet the needs and goals of the group in order to maximize the ability of the participants to utilize the techniques and knowledge in their home country.

For more information about this training, please contact jose_cisneros@ncsu.edu.

Lecture/Training Sessions Typically Cover the Following Topics:

  • Herd improvement and reproduction systems
  • Dairy Records Training
  • Grazing Management and Forage Analysis
  • Forage Quality and Balancing Forage Offer to Design a Grazing Operation
  • Modern Day Breeding and Genomics

Off-Campus Sites Typically Visited During Training:

  • Dairy Records Management Systems
  • Local Farms