Graduate Trainers

                Femi Adio - Agriculture and Extension Education -

"My time with the CALS Program has been amazing. As an Agricultural and Extension Education student, I had the opportunity to meet with a group from Jamaica. It was eye opening to me to learn from them about the agricultural practices there and to also share some information about NC State with them. My most memorable experience will be getting the opportunity to meet with the Nigerian Minister of Agriculture through the CALS IP. I got to share ideas and experiences with him and members of his team. Its been a blast!"

                Thiago Marino - Crop Science -

"I really enjoyed being a graduate student trainer for the Brazil training group. I had no idea that the college was involved in activities like this. As a doctoral student I felt it was a great opportunity to get out and engage in an extracurricular activity since I find myself spending a lot of time in my lab. I was able to learn a lot from the visits and activities that I participated in with the Brazilians. I also learned more about agriculture in Brazil that I had not known before. I think that it was very beneficial for the trainees that I am from Brazil. We were able to communicate and I understood cultural aspects of Brazil and the aspects of American culture that they might not be familiar with. I also had a good idea of what foods to avoid and what sights and activities they would enjoy during our free time. Overall I enjoyed the experience very much and look forward to any opportunity to participate again."

                  Amanda Clayton - Agricultural and Resource Economics -

"I accompanied the training group to the NC Farm Bureau where we received a presentation on the role of the farm bureau in the legislative process and were thrilled to meet the NC Farm Bureau president. I also had the pleasure of taking the group to Boone, NC to see the fall leaves change color in the mountains (a breath-taking sight to see). On our trip to Boone, we also drove past several Christmas tree farms and stopped at a pumpkin patch to pick some pumpkins for carving. We even stopped at an outlet mall on the way back so the group could get in some shopping. My last trip with the group was to the NC State Fair where we saw a presentation on dairy farming, watched some sheep-showing competitions, and saw some truly giant watermelons and pumpkins. The group also got to take photos with some very friendly local sheriffs, eat cotton candy and giant turkey legs, and ride a carnival ride that was not for the faint of heart. In the few short weeks that I spent with the group, we saw some of the best parts of North Carolina agricultural life and a great time was had by all."

                    Marcus Reason - Agricultural and Resource Economics -

"As a graduate trainer I helped in making sure the Fellows had a very enjoyable experience throughout their training program.  We also held in depth discussions regarding development issues among our respective countries that helped us gain insight and ideas for their possible resolve.  Our discussions included agricultural policy issues in a wide range of areas including farming such as fisheries, agriculture, and poultry, land reform and property rights, fiscal and monetary policy and trade and exchange rate systems."   

                    Olivia Pearson - Animal Science -            

"As a graduate trainer I was about to meet and connect with two very enthusiastic, but different groups of individuals! The first group consisted of individuals who were interested in the dairy industry who happened to be from Pakistan. I was able to accompany them to eat their traditional foods, attend lectures on dairy farming, and share concepts about the dairy industry in the United States. While here they were able to explore the home of the Wolfpack! I took the group on a tour of the campus to see our big highlights such as Talley Student Center, our libraries, the Belltower, the Brickyard, and we even stopped in for Howling Cow Ice Cream! 
Our second group was a group of governmental officials that came from South Africa. I was able to accompany them to the 2015 NC Meat Conference. Here we were all able to learn more about GMO's, meat cutting styles, labeling claims, and meat trading within NC and the USA. Our group also had a great time networking with other individuals in the conference and we all met some new friends along the way. Overall, this has been a wonderful and amazing experience that has lead to many new friends and experiences!"

                    Kelsey Hample - Agriculture and Resource Economics -

"As a graduate trainer I got to discuss everything from Donald Trump to highway traffic to economic policies with seven people of totally different backgrounds from myself.  It was wonderful to get so much insight about other cultures as well as an outside perspective on my own."

                    Mike Jones - Agriculture and Resource Economics -

"During the fellows' visit I was fortunate to be able to guide them throughout their program, both on campus and transiting to various community and governmental offices.  The group particularly enjoyed sessions with North Carolina's agricultural trade representative, whose dynamic presentation both provided tangible ideas for the fellows to bring home and sparked in depth group conversations comparing trade potential in their own countries.  The program also exposed the group to poverty reduction and nutrition initiatives in the Raleigh, NC area, and we had very spirited discussions comparing the nature of poverty in our respective countries and the options for policy interventions.  Throughout these meetings and during transitions from appointments, I was able to form strong bonds with fellows.  I watched them not only gain a much stronger understanding of how the United States operates with regards to agricultural and trade policy, but also really enjoy experiencing our culture first-hand.  The well rounded nature of NC State's program is very ideal for fellows seeking this comprehensive experience and I look forward to meeting new cohorts in the future."

                    Chelsea Garrison - Animal Science -

"Through the international training program, I was able to spend time with groups of individuals that enlightened me to the numerous economic, educational, and cultural differences that they experienced while in the United States. For some of the ones who travel frequently, being in America was not as much of a foreign atmosphere, but the ones that had never been to the U.S. were very enthusiastic about learning about our lifestyle and always had tons of questions that I was excited to answer. I have very much enjoyed getting to know each and every person involved in the programs, and am grateful to be a part of their educational and extracurricular adventures."

                    Luis Artioli - Animal Science -

"I enjoyed working with the group from Pakistan. I got to learn a lot about a different culture, as well as livestock and agriculture from that region of the world. I would do it again for sure and recommend this kind of training to other students!"