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Student Opportunities with Rolling Deadline

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Estimated Program Funding: $500.00
Funding Agency(s): North Carolina State University

Funded through an endowment provided to NC State by Arthur B. Moss, the Graduate School International Travel Grant program is designed to supplement departmental efforts to enable their doctoral candidates to make presentations at international professional conferences. The program is designed not only to give students valuable experience in making research presentations, but also to maintain and enhance NC State’s reputation internationally as one of this nation’s top research universities.

(Offered on a rolling basis)
Posted: 06/27/2016

Estimated Program Funding: $1,000.00
Funding Agency(s): Sight and Life

Sight and Life has established a distinguished alliance consisting of academia, research partners, and funders working collectively to eliminate all forms of malnutrition. Together, we discover and implement sustainable solutions, grounded on solid scientific evidence, to improve the lives of those in most need. Our partnerships are based on the principles of mutual trust, transparency, accountability, and shared goals.
Posted: 08/01/2017

Estimated Program Funding: $0.00
Funding Agency(s): National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)

Opportunity for collaboration between researchers under JPI HDHL and USDA/NIFA

The Joint Programming Initiative for a Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life (JPI-HDHL - a consortium of European research agencies funding European country scientists on diet and health) and USDA/NIFA each have an interest in understanding the interaction of the human intestinal microbiome with food and nutrients and understanding links between diet and health. USDA/NIFA, under its Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) is offering support to U.S. researchers on the role of bioactive components of food in preventing inflammation or promoting gut health, and the role of the human gut microbiome on nutrient uptake, utilization and efficiency and their overall impacts on human health and well-being. USDA/NIFA AFRI applicants are free to collaborate with European potential colleagues with relevant interests involved with JPI HDHL if they wish. Below are links to JPI HDHL Intestinal Micriobiomics projects information – including project leader contact info for the second wave of projects (funded, but still to begin, sometime in 2018):

And the first wave (funded in 2016)
Posted: 07/31/2018