Receiving an International Visitor

Research Scholars/Professors: Research scholars are engaged temporarily in research, observation, consultation, or in some cases teaching during their stay. Professors are focused primarily on teaching, but may also engage in research, observation, and consultation. The duration of stay for research scholars and professors can range between 3 weeks and 5 years (no extension beyond 5 years is possible).


Short-term Visiting Scholars: Short-term visiting scholars are engaged in a temporary research, observation, consultation, or teaching activity at NC State. The duration of stay for short-term visiting scholars is no longer than 6 months.


Student Interns: The purpose of internships is gain exposure to American technologies, methodologies, and techniques in addition to expanding upon the student’s exiting knowledge and skills. The duration of student internships at NC State can last between 2 and 12 months. The internship must fulfill educational objectives for the individual’s current degree program at their home institution.