Return to Campus - IT Tips

CALS IT is in the planning stages of preparing for the Return to Campus of Staff and Faculty.

It is time to think about how you will reconnect your computers, monitors, printers, and peripherals back in your office.

Here are some tips:

  1. Take a picture! Take a picture of all your connections to your docking station, monitors, and computer before you disconnect cables. This will help you when reconnecting in your campus office.
  2. Bring all your cables, docks, hubs, power strips and other items that you brought with you from your office.
  3. Be sure to travel with care. Wrap you monitors and computers in blankets. Gently lay them down in your trunk or back seat of your car. Be careful when transporting from your car to your office. Use a cart, if available.
  4. If you have a Desktop in your office that has been off for a while, arrange to have it turned back on and leave it powered on so that all the OS and application updates will apply. For Windows desktops, it is possible that if they have been off for months and have not received major OS version updates that will take a couple of hours to upgrade.

Contact your department IT Support if you need help.

For CALS IT supported users:

We are trying to gauge who, what, where, and when people will need our assistance. Please complete our form so that we may begin to gather this info and setup times to help:

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