Forms and Software Requests

New User

Is someone new joining your department?

If you have a new staff or faculty member arriving, please complete our New User Request form before they begin. This form provides options for requesting the user be added to our CALS servers, your department share, to Minolta scan-to-email function, to Crashplan for computer backups, and more. In addition, new employees will not be able to log into any CALS managed machines until they are added to our server. Remember, this is only to add CALS resources. Regular HR and Personnel actions need to be taken to add to campus systems and services we do not manage, such as email and enterprise application access. So, add this step to your department onboarding process!

New User Request Form (add to CALS IT resources) »

Disable User

Is someone separating from your department?

If you have a staff member leaving with notice or as a rapid separation, please complete our Disable User Request form. If a rapid separation, you may check Urgent on the form, which engages our team to quickly disable access to our servers and be hyper-vigilant to the situation. For other departures, you may enter the date of separation and other information. You may also request a re-image of their computers. Remember, this is only to remove from CALS resources. Regular HR and Personnel actions need to be handled through HR. SAR requests via your SAR coordinator, and OIT to remove from campus systems and services we do not manage, such as email and enterprise application access.

Disable User Request Form (Remove from CALS IT resources) »

Rapid Separation Workflow Process
What happens to an employees Google access and campus resource access after termination?
Department Offboarding Guide
How to handle Email (including Gmail, shared mail, or mailing lists)

Enable Remote Access Request

Grant Remote Access capabilities to NC State computers

This request must be completed by your supervisor. By completing this request for a user, we will add the user to remote access on thier NC State computer on campus. 

Request Remote Access »

Purchase Quote Request

Do you need to purchase computers or printers?

In order for CALS IT to support your technology needs, all purchases of computers and printers need to start from our Purchase Quote request form. We will work with you to get the correct configuration, warranty, and price on CPI and contract approved models. We will also work with you for special computer needs that fall outside of CPI to approve with valid justification for exception. We take the administration out of the process for you by managing the whole purchasing and provisioning cycle from quote to receipt of items. Our team will work with you upon receipt to get your new device installed!

Purchase Quote Request Form »

Special Project RequestSpecial Project Request

Do you have a special IT Project that you seek help with?

We have created a new form for Special Project Requests. This form is used to engage CALS IT with any special projects you may need assistance with, such as audiovisual installations, A/V public event support, Zoom webinar license use, or any non-standard or complex IT installations.

Special Project Request Form »

Computer Move Request

Do you need to move your computer(s) from one office to another?

If you have to move one or many computers, please complete our Computer Move Request Form. It is important to give us at least a 3 day warning for one or two machines. If you have an entire office or more, please give us at least a two week warning. With moves of several machines, we have logistical considerations, coordination with movers, ComTech, and resource allocations to ensure a smooth experience.

Computer Move Assistance Request »

Surplus Equipment Request

Need to surplus your computer, printer, or tablet?

In 2015, a new campus policy extends the required wiping of disks for any device that contains storage capabilities. This extends to printers, smartphones, tablets, USB keys, and other media in addition to computers. CALS IT needs to handle surplus of NC State purchased devices that potentially have NC State data on them. We will wipe the devices according to DoD standards and send eligible devices to surplus or dispose of properly.

Surplus Request for computers, printers, tablets »

Schedule a Computer Upgrade

Does your computer need an OS upgrade or a reimage to boost performance?

If your Mac or PC is behind on supported operating systems, or if it is running slow and would benefit from a wipe and reinstall, sign up here for an upgrade. Note, Windows 7 PCs will not be supported by Microsoft after January 14, 2020. All Windows 7 PCs will need to be upgraded or taken off the network by that date for security reasons. Sign up to have your computer upgraded today!

Schedule to Upgrade Your Computer »

 Reserve a CALS IT Conference Room

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19, the PT315 Conference Room and Training Lab are closed until a further notice.

Request Access to the CALS IT Inventory Portal

If you are a department head, director, or administrative assistant, gain access to your department's CALS IT computer inventory!

Access and update your CALS IT computer inventory for your department in our new online web portal!

CALS IT Computer Inventory Portal
Install the CALS IT Inventory Agent 
Update your Computer Inventory Information with your name, location, and machine use...

Request Access to the CALS IT Inventory Portal »

Software Requests

Request a license to install Crashplan to enable unlimited cloud backup on up to 4 NCSU computers. Code42 Crashplan makes laptop and desktop protection and file recovery simple and secure for higher education. Once you have requested a license, CALS IT will add you to a group on the server that grants licenses. CALS IT will then respond to you via ServiceNow with a confirmation and directions on how to install and activate the license.

*Please note that student workers, bi-weekly, or temps may not be eligible to download due to the licensing cost. Only CALS IT supported departments and units are included in this license. Request Crashplan License »

Every Adobe Creative Cloud License includes over 20 apps, including: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Spark, Acrobat Pro, and over 20 more. Request Adobe Creative Cloud License (free to staff)

SigmaPlot is a proprietary software package for scientific graphing and data analysis. It runs on Microsoft Windows. CALS and CVM partnered to purchase limited number of concurrent licensing. Request a license...

MATLAB is a high-performance language for technical computing. It integrates computation, visualization, and programming in an easy-to-use environment where problems and solutions are expressed in familiar mathematical notation. Typical uses include: ... Data analysis, exploration, and visualization. Free to Faculty, Staff and Students! How to download MatLab

  EndNote Desktop is a software program that creates, stores and manages your references/citations. Free to CALS Staff. EndNote 20 is now available for PC and Mac. Download EndNote is a leading online learning platform that helps anyone learn business, software,
  technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals.
Free to Faculty, Staff and Students! Students, faculty, and staff now have 24/7 access via a computer or mobile device to on-demand online courses. More

Microsoft Office 2019 Review | PCMag  The upgrade to Microsoft Office 2019, for CALS IT managed Macs, is now available. Read More...


  SAS is an integrated system of software products which enables programmers to perform various statistical analyses. Update your license...

  Videoconferencing Solution with recording capabilities. Free to NC State Users! How to use...

Free for Faculty, Staff, and Students! Download Office 365

Need to install new software?

Please check to make sure it is Clickwrap approved (legal approval for use on campus) prior to installing. If you do not see any approvals, submit a Clickwrap Approval request. Check reviewed Clickwraps: Submit a Clickwrap Review Form:

Are you contracting to purchase software with a cost of $5,000 or more?

The Office of Information Technology’s IT Purchase Compliance applies to all IT purchases of $5,000 or more and all HIPAA, ITAR and PCI related purchases regardless of cost. This includes new IT purchases as well as maintenance and support renewals for IT purchases made previously. See

Visit for more information on software.