DropBox Use Policy

NC State only allows data that fall under the white and green data classification to be stored in Dropbox in accordance with OIT’s Data Sensitivity Classifications and approved storage locations. If you use DropBox, make sure you are in compliance. Read More...

Plant Sciences Building Tour!

Join the CALS IT team as we take a tour of the new Plant Sciences Building going up on Centennial Campus.  Video Tour (Login Required) More informaton on the Plant Sciences Initiative.

COVID-19 Resources:

Testing and Tracking at NCSU

NC State Student Health Services provides COVID-19 testing for students. As part of its contact tracing program, Student Health Services also provides COVID-19 testing for faculty and staff. Testing and tracking data on this page is updated weekly on Friday. Read More

Extension Resource List for COVID-1

General resources, guidance, and college resources all compiled on one list. Read More

Tools for Space Reservation and Check in / Check out

Starting May 18, 2020, NC State will begin increasing research on campus in a phased, safe and sustainable way. Departments should put processes and policies in place to limit staff in designated areas.  Some resources are available to help departments and units in reserving research spaces and tracking occupancy by staff checking in and out. Read More

Zoom to YouTube Live - Training Video

Join Anthony Buckner as he guides you on how to hold a Zoom meeting with live stream to YouTube. Access the training...

RoomSign - A Tool to Track Lab, Room, or Facility Usage by Staff

In order to ensure safe utilization of common, teaching, or laboratory spaces, please ensure that all occupants are signing in - and out - of spaces at all times. This tools automates the process by using QR codes that can be read from a smartphone. The staff member scans the QR code when they enter and again when they leave a room. Find out how to sign up and register a room...

On MacOS, hide your desktop icons, wallpaper, and apps with Pliim

Be ready to present or record. Install Pliim on your Mac computer to hide your desktop icons, wallpaper, and apps in one click. Read More...

Need a Laptop or Monitor Loaner?

CALS IT has loaner laptops and some 22" monitors available. We also have limited USB wireless adapters and cables. We do need to prioritize these loaners for full-time staff, but we may also loan to part-time staff and student workers upon evaluation and availability. Request a loaner...

Zoom Security Settings

With the explosive use of Zoom these days, many security issues have come to light and are gaining media attention. Campus is reviewing the security concerns and taking mitigation actions and still looking into other issues. They have set more restricitive settings upon launch. Read more about how you to secure your Zoom sessions...

CALS Admin Updates

CALS-specific administrative updates and information related to COVID-19 and the day-to-day operations of our college. Read More...

CALS IT Remote and Teleworking Resources for Faculty and Staff

Need more information on loaner computers or monitors and CALS IT options? Read More...

Working@NC State During COVID-19

Operations and planning continue to evolve. This repository of business resources, forms, unit FAQs and more is intended to help you stay abreast of information and be PACK Ready. Read More...

Do you want to install a camera to keep an eye on your lab equipment?

Requests for Security Camera installations must go through the Security Applications and Technologies (SAT) department for approval. Users should not install any third-party cameras for monitoring or recording areas without approval from SAT and Environmental Health and Public Safety (EHPS). See our Knowledge Base Article: https://ncsu.service-now.com/sp?id=kb_article&sys_id=555be1ac1bf308106714ed7dee4bcbd9.

Working Remotely at NC State

A brief guide for NC State faculty and staff to the technologies you should be aware of to assist with working and teaching remotely. Read More...


Students with Disabilities and Challenges with Online Teaching

Converting to an online format may change what accommodations are needed and how they are implemented. Not all students with disabilities and chronic medical conditions are connected with the DRO, and there may be students whose needs only become apparent with this transition to a new learning environment. If students reach out to you requesting an accommodation due to a disability, please refer them to the Disability Resource Office, 919.515.7653 or disability@ncsu.edu.



Beware of COVID-19 Scams!

During these unprecedented times, it is more important than ever for all campus members to remain vigilant and follow best practices for keeping all information secure. Cybercriminals are sending out new email attacks specifically designed to exploit fears and anxiety about the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Read More...

Mobile Security at NC State

NC State needs every one of us to secure all our mobile devices regardless of who owns them. Otherwise, hackers can wreak havoc not only with university data and our reputation but also with our personal data and lives. Learn How to Secure Your Device...

New Duo Security One-Time Passcode Tool

In order to better support those users who do not have a smartphone or are using a U2F Security Key (most commonly the Blue YubiKey) for Duo authentication instead of the Duo Security Smart Phone app, OIT has developed a simple tool to allow U2F-only users to generate a One-Time Passcode (OTP) for use with services that do not support U2F, but are 2-Factor enabled using Duo. It is available at: https://go.ncsu.edu/dc.

New Round of Scam and Phishing Emails circulating

Beware of those emails asking for you to purchase gift cards. Many start innocuously, like asking if you are available and appear to be from a supervisor or manager you know. If you respond you get an immediate email response from a BOT which leads down a path that may ask you for money or gift card purchases. Read more...

Traveling Abroad? Full Tunnel VPN access now available!

If you are traveling abroad, especially to countries that may restrict access to Google, some websites, or may be monitoring your activity, you now have an option to use Full Tunnel VPN. Read more...

Endpoint Protection Standard - Are You Compliant?

On May 1, 2018, the Vice Chancellor for Information Technology issued the new Endpoint Security Standard. This standard applies to every user of NC State’s network, which includes users of University-owned resources and devices, as well as, personally owned resources and devices. For those departments managed by CALS IT, all controls must be in place by June 30, 2019. The second and final phase must be in place by December 2020.   What changes will occur on your computer once added to a CMS?

Beware of Phishing!

Generic Accounts and 2FA Enrollment

Secure your generic account with 2FA.  See Generic Accounts and 2-Factor Authentication: Best Practices

n December 2016, the chancellor sent a memo requiring all staff to be enrolled in 2-Factor for Google and Shibboleth on campus - See more at: https://harvest.cals.ncsu.edu/cals-it/administrative/?p=15006#sthash.ypa0faGo.dpuf
n December 2016, the chancellor sent a memo requiring all staff to be enrolled in 2-Factor for Google and Shibboleth on campus - See more at: https://harvest.cals.ncsu.edu/cals-it/administrative/?p=15006#sthash.ypa0faGo.dpuf

Are you new to NC State and need to enroll in 2FA? Or do you need to access FAQs about adding new devices or application passwords? See Two Factor at NC State

Security Alerts:

International Travel and IT Security

Tech Support Phone Scams

What we do....

  • Develop and maintain the CALS Information Technology standard computing environment
  • Provide a broad range of technical support and centralized services to CALS staff and departments
  • Support and consult with departmental IT support staff
  • Create and share hardware and software guidelines to our users
  • Run CALS IT Service Desk operations
  • Collaborate with OIT on network, email, calendar, and other campus resource solutions
  • Support innovative and creative solutions

CALS IT Service Desk :: (919) 515-6777 ::


Frequently Used Links

Forms and Software Requests

Purchase Quote Request

2FA: Setting Up a New Phone

Google Apps - "How Do I" FAQs

Web Registry Tool: Manage your Resources, Generic Accounts, and Groups

State Consolidated IT Purchasing Information (CPI)

Visit our Forms and Requests page for all software links.





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