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This site seeks to facilitate access to samples of the handwriting of important botanical collectors.  Although handwriting is often a key component in deciphering the identity of historical specimens and determining type material, researchers frequently find limited access to handwriting samples.  Handwriting samples of some collectors have been published over the years, but are scattered over a number of journals and not immediately accessible to all.  Travel to important historical collections in various herbaria is also frequently only available to a limited number of researchers.  Thus, we sought to develop a central resource for the dissemination of handwriting documentation that was more freely accessible to researchers around the world.

To build a uniquely collaborative resource, we invite the submission of documented samples by curators around the world.  Please see our contact information for further details.  

A collaboration between the herbaria of:

North Carolina State University, The Charleston Museum, The New York Botanical Garden,
The Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences, The Smithsonian Institution
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