There will be 9 BILLION people on earth by 2050. To feed them, we'll need to produce twice as much food as we do now. With less land, water and the potential of a changing climate.

Who will do this? Hopefully you.

Feeding the world means more than farming. It's the scientists who improve crops and evaluate soils and water. It's the doctors and veterinarians who keep people and animals healthy. It's business people with new products. Lots of talented people. Many who got their degree from NC State.

NC State's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is among the top 20 colleges in the world — not just the U.S., the world — for plant, animal and agriculture sciences.

NC State is one of nation's top five public university values. Number seven in industry research funding. And a top 20 for corporations looking to hire.

Get the most out of your investment in education — and help make the world a better place. Join us at CALS today.



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