William Neal Reynolds Professors Celebration

Mr. “Will” Reynolds, long-time president and board chairman of the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, brought into focus the importance of building and maintaining an outstanding faculty to support the goal of building a stronger agriculture when he established, in August 1950, the Reynolds Professorship Fund in the North Carolina State University School of Agriculture. His gift has benefitted not only the recipients but the many others who have gained from the research, teaching and extension efforts of those who bear the title of William Neal Reynolds Professor. 

All William Neal Reynolds Professor recipients


William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor (1950)


2015   Dennis T. Brown, Molecular and Structural Biochemistry

2015   W. Gregory Cope, Applied Ecology

2015   William L. Flowers, Animal Science

2015   William F. Hunt, III, Biological and Agricultural Engineering

2015   David L. Jordan, Crop Science

2015   Ken H. Pollock, Applied Ecology

2015   G. Craig Yencho, Horticultural Science

2012   David M. Bird, Plant Pathology

2012   MaryAnne Drake, Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences

2012   Nick M. Haddad, Biology

2012   Dean L. Hesterberg, Soil Science

2012   Lee-Ann Jaykus, Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences

2012   Jean B. Ristaino, Plant Pathology

2012   Rob C. Smart, Environmental and Molecular Toxicology

2012   Brian M. Wiegmann, Entomology

2008   Robert R. Anholt, Biology

2008   JoAnn M. Burkholder, Plant & Microbial Biology

2008   John Cavanagh, Molecular and Structural Biochemistry

2008   Eric L. Davis, Plant Pathology

2008   David Dickey, Statistics

2008   Peter R. Ferket, Prestage Dept of Poultry Science

2008   Steven Lommel, Plant Pathology

2008   Michael J. Vepraskas, Soil Science

2007   Rick L. Brandenburg, Entomology

2007   Margaret E. Daub, Plant & Microbial Biology

2007   Michael D. Schulman, Sociology and Anthropology

2007   Walter N. Thurman, Agricultural and Resource Economics

2005   Charles S. Apperson, Entomology

2005   Rebecca S. Boston, Plant Biology

2005   Marie Davidian, Statistics

2005   Ralph A. Dean, Plant Pathology

2005   Gregory C. Gibson, Genetics

2005   Barry K. Goodwin, Agricultural and Resource Economics

2005   Linda K. Hanley-Bowdoin, Molecular and Structural Biochemistry

2005   Jack Odle, Animal Science

2005   Gary A. Payne, Plant Pathology

2005   Michael D. Purugganan, Genetics

2005   Craig V. Sullivan, Biology

2005   Zhao-Bang Zeng, Statistics

2001   Wendy F. Boss, Plant Biology

2001   John T. Brake, Prestage Dept of Poultry Science

2001   E. Allen Foegeding, Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences

2001   D. Mason Pharr, Horticultural Science

2001   R. Michael Roe, Entomology

2001   Michael L. Walden, Agricultural and Resource Economics

2001   Alan C. York, Crop Science

1996   James W. Gilliam, Soil Science

1996   Trudy F.C. Mackay, Genetics

1996   Luther B. Otto, Sociology and Anthropology

1996   Ronald C. Wimberley, Sociology and Anthropology

1996   Michael K. Wohlgenant, Agricultural and Resource Economics

1993   William R. Atchley, Genetics

1993   Fred Gould, Entomology

1993   William L. Miller, Molecular and Structural Biochemistry

1993   Kenneth R. Swartzel, Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences

1992   Stanley W. Buol, Soil Science

1992   George G. Kennedy, Entomology

1992   Todd R. Klaenhammer, Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences

1992   Bruce S. Weir, Statistics

1988   Eugene J. Eisen, Animal Science

1988   Major M. Goodman, Crop Science

1988   Earl A. Wernsman, Crop Science

1984   R. Wayne Skaggs, Biological and Agricultural Engineering

1984   Harold E. Swaisgood, Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences

1983   William E. Donaldson, Prestage Dept of Poultry Science

1983   Charles S. Levings, III, Genetics

1981   Eugene J. Kamprath, Soil Science

1981   Robert L. Rabb, Entomology

1980   James G. Lecce, Animal Science

1979   Lester C. Ulberg, Animal Science

1977   Ernest Hodgson, Entomology

1975   Charles H. Hill, Prestage Dept of Poultry Science

1975    Samuel B. Tove, Biochemistry

1972   Columbus C. Cockerham, Statistics

1972   William A. Jackson, Soil Science

1964   Dan U. Gerstell, Crop Science

1962   Arthur Kelman, Plant Pathology

1961   C. Horace Hamilton, Sociology and Anthropology

1961   Francis J. Hassler, Biological and Agricultural Engineering

1961   Gerard Matrone, Biochemistry

1957   Nathaniel T. Coleman, Soil Science

1957   Walton C. Gregory, Crop Science

1957   Henry L. Lucas, Jr., Statistics

1957   Martin L. Speck, Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences

1957   Joseph A. Weybrew, Crop Science

1956   Charles E. Bishop, Agricultural Economics

1956   James E. Legates, Animal Science

1956   Charles J. Nusbaum, Plant Pathology

1955   Paul H. Harvey, Crop Science

1954   Zeno P. Metcalf, Entomology

1954   Walter J. Peterson, Chemistry

1951   James A. Jensen, Plant Pathology

1951   Stanley G. Stephens, Genetics

1951   George H. Wise, Animal Science