Faculty Award Recipients
Outstanding Faculty Adviser Award
2011-2012   Jonathan L Phillips, Agricultural and Resource Economics
2010-2011   Jill Anderson, Applied Ecology
2010-2011   April Morrison, Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences
2009-2010   Miriam G. Ferzli, Applied Ecology
2009-2010   Mark J. Kistler, Agricultural and Extension Education
2008-2009   James W. Brown, Microbiology
2008-2009   Jacquelyn B. Hoffman, Prestage Department of Poultry Science
2007-2008   Robert I. Bruck, Entomology and Plant Pathology
2007-2008   Andrew Hale, Biological and Agricultural Engineering
2006-2007   Chad Jordan, Plant and Microbial Biology
2006-2007   Jan Spears, Crop and Soil Sciences
2005-2006   Sarah L. Ash, Animal Science
2005-2006   William C. Grant, Applied Ecology
2004-2005   Jenny S. Ellerbe, Biology
2004-2005   John S. Russ, Agricultural and Resource Economics
2003-2004   Nicholas M. Haddad, Applied Ecology
2003-2004   Herman A. Sampson, Agricultural and Resource Economics
2002-2003   William L. Flowers, Animal Science
2002-2003   James A. Knopp, Molecular and Structural Biochemistry
2001-2002   James F. Gilliam, Applied Ecology
2001-2002   Carmen R. Parkhurst, Prestage Department of Poultry Science
2000-2001   D. Barry Croom, Agricultural and Extension Education
2000-2001   Wendell H. McKenzie, Genetics
1999-2000   Arnold W. Oltmans, Agricultural and Resource Economics
1999-2000   Thomas R. Wentworth, Plant Biology
1998-1999   Lynn G. Turner, Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences
1998-1999   Dennis J. Werner, Horticultural Science
1997-1998   James E. Mickle, Plant Biology
1997-1998   Jeannette A. Moore, Animal Science
1996-1997   Brenda P. Alston-Mills, Animal Science
1996-1997   Robert L. Beckmann, Plant Biology
1995-1996   Robert H. Usry, Agricultural and Resource Economics
1995-1996   C. Gerald Van Dyke, Plant Biology
1994-1995   John C. Cornwell, Animal Science
1994-1995   H. Robert Horton, Molecular and Structural Biochemistry
1993-1994   George T. Barthalmus, Applied Ecology
1993-1994   Robert P. Patterson, Crop and Soil Sciences
1992-1993   William T. Fike, Crop and Soil Sciences
1992-1993   Grover C. Miller, Applied Ecology
1991-1992   Joseph H. Kleiss, Soil Science
1991-1992   John F. Roberts, Applied Ecology
1990-1991   Bryce H. Lane, Horticultural Science
1990-1991   Geraldine H. Luginbuhl, Microbiology
1989-1990   Frank B. Armstrong, Applied Ecology
1989-1990   George B. Blum, Jr., Agricultural and Resource Economics