Kenneth R. Keller Award

After Dr. Keller’s retirement from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) in 1979, faculty, friends, and industry established the Kenneth R. Keller Research Award Endowment in the Agricultural Foundation of North Carolina State University to honor his work for the University and North Carolina’s agricultural development. The income from this endowment is used to recognize excellence in doctoral dissertation research in agriculture and life sciences. Each recipient receives a plaque and a monetary award of $2,500. The awards are presented annually during the spring banquet of Gamma Sigma Delta.

Each department and interdepartmental graduate program offering the Ph.D. degree in CALS is eligible to nominate one individual from among their Ph.D. graduates or candidates who completed his or her thesis defense examination between January 1 and December 31 of that current year.

Nomination and Selection
Application Material:
1) letter from the chairman of the nominee's advisory committee stating why the dissertation research is outstanding and how the research contributes to the discipline;
2) supporting letters from two other members of the nominee's doctoral committee;
3) names of the remaining members of the nominee's doctoral committee;
4) three copies of the thesis;
5) three copies of any manuscripts or journal papers based on the thesis
6) letter of transmittal from the department head or program coordinator

The call for nominations is usually sent out in early November and nominations are due in the office of the NC Agricultural Research Service the following February.

The committee to select the recipients of the Kenneth R. Keller Award consists of members from the Academy of William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professors.