FSLI Nomination and Commitment to Support an Applicant for the FSLI Program
Cohort 21 - Fall 2025

Use this form to indicate an endorsement of a candidate for the FSLI program including providing financial support of the candidate.

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I believe that this candidate will benefit from participation in the Food Systems Leadership Institute and will make a meaningful contribution to the FSLI program. I understand that my endorsement of this candidate includes being responsible for their FSLI program fee. Both the candidate and I understand the commitment required and have agreed to make accommodations for the required to participate fully in the FSLI experience.

By typing your name in the above area and submitting this form, you are endorsing the candidate.
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The Food Systems Leadership Institute (FSLI) is a program of The Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) dedicated to developing individual and institutional leadership for the 21st Century food system.