Academic Program

Jefferson Scholars enroll in a double-degree program in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences [CALS] and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences [CHASS], earning a Bachelor's degree from each college. The choice of the two majors is tailored to individual student's interests and goals for learning and career. The full range of CALS majors and CHASS majors is available. 

Being in the Jefferson Scholars does not restrict options.  Many Jeffersons participate in other enrichment programs at NC State, including the living/learning villages, University Scholars, University Honors Program, the Caldwell Fellows, and the Park Scholars.

The Jefferson Scholars Program offers a special curriculumn. It is designed to coordinate with NC State's general education foundation in language, mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, and humanites.  The faculty mentors are there to help guide planning of the curriculum for a timely graduation. We're proud to say that our students earn two degrees at a rate better than the average at NC State for single majors.

The program:

 1.  A new First-Year course, ALS 295 (LEAD: Leadership Excellence and Development in an Interdisciplinary World). We will explore what it means to be a Thomas Jefferson Scholar and the characteristics, skills, and practices of effective leaders. Working with Dr. Rhonda Sutton, you will learn to use leadership skills to take action and effect change in an increasingly interdisciplinary world. Dr. Jordan and Dr. Kimler will guide discussions of current problems at the intersection of agriculture and life science and society.

2.  Specially designed courses that satisfy General Education degree requirements. These classes are small, set aside for the Jefferson Scholars alone.

  • ANT 252 (Cultural Anthropology) for Sophomores, in the Spring semester. The course satisifies a General Education requirement in the social sciences.
  • Dr. William Kimler's HI 481-Honors (History of the Life Sciences) for Juniors, in the Spring semester. This satisfies the Interdisciplinary Perspectives requirement in General Education, and as an Honors section also fulfills requirements for University Scholars or University Honors.

3.  A Senior capstone experience through a supervised Independent Study course, coordinated with the faculty advisors. Each student's research paper explores the scientific and humanistic perspectives on a question of interest to the student. The semester culminates in a presentation of the papers at a symposium for all Jefferson Scholars.

In addition to special classes and the double-major, the Program fosters close contact between students and faculty, and a highly supportive group of student peers.


Faculty Mentors

Dr. Chad Jordan
Plant & Microbial Biology
2214A Gardner Hall

Dr. William Kimler
351 Withers Hall

Dr. Vicki Martin
CALS Academic Programs
111 Patterson Hall