Research in Microbiology is supported by modern instrumentation and facilities across campus. Student and postdoctoral research members have direct access to the technical expertise and analytical capabilities of these centers. If there is an approach best suited to solve a biological problem, more than likely the appropriate instrumentation is available on the NCSU campus.  Our location in the Research Triangle Park region, with major collaborating universities across the area, provides countless resources and opportunities.

Genome Sciences Laboratory
Cellular & Molecular Imaging Facility
Mass Spectrometry Facility
X-ray Structural Facility
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility
Center for Electron Microscopy
Laboratory for Advanced Electron and Light Optical Methods
Analytical Instrumentation Facility
Biological Resources Facility
Hybridoma Laboratory (919-513-6203)
Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting Laboratory (919-513-6443)
Analytical Services Laboratory
NCSU Libraries
Bioinformatics Research Center
High Performance Computing and NC BioGrid
Information Technology Division (Computing)