Directory of People

Adjunct Faculty
These are individuals whose primary employment is with an institution other than NCSU, but who, through their scholarly activities, are affiliated with the NC State Microbiology Graduate Programs. Adjunct faculty members supervise dissertation research of microbiology Ph.D. students as a co-chair with an NC State MGP faculty member

Dr. Bernard Adkins, Jr.
Fuji Films/Diosynth Biotechnology

Dr. M. Andrea Azcarate-Peril
Microbiome Facility, UNC-CH Dept of Medicine

Dr. Jason Caplan
EnSolve BioSystems

Dr. Warren Casey
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Dr. James Ligon
Ligon Biotechnology Consulting Services

Dr. Scott Shore
Shore Biotechnology

Dr. E. Grover Smith
Pathology, Wake Medical Hosptial

Dr. Daniel (Niels) van der Lelie
Phytoremediation; Endophytic bacteia
Research Triangle Institute, Intl.