The Microbiology Graduate Program offers the non-thesis Master of Microbiology (M.M.) degree. This degree is frequently sought by individuals employed in the local biotechnology industry and by pre-professional students. In general, those who who are interested in expanding their familiarity with Microbiology through courses and do not wish to pursue research training find this program of interest. Students who desire a research-intensive program are encouraged to apply to the M.S. or Ph.D. degree programs.

Requirements for the M.M. degree are as follows :

  • Upon entering the program, the student meets with the Director of Graduate Programs (DGP) and selects a faculty advisor, who may be the DGP.
  • At the start of the first semester, a Plan of Graduate Work is prepared by the student, in consultation with his/her graduate advisor and with the approval of the DGP.
  • A total of 30 semester hours is required. Twelve credits from the core graduate curriculum (MB 714, MB 718, MB 751, MB 758 or MB 535) are required. Other courses in Microbiology or related life science disciplines must be approved on the Plan of Graduate Work that total a minum of 18 graded credit hours. Additional graded graduate courses can be taken, as can S/U graduate courses in relevant dsicplines as approved for the Plan of Work.
  • An annual "Graduate Student Progress" evaluation form is completed by the student with his/her advisor and submitted to the DGP.
  • An overall grade point average of at least 3.00 on graduate course work at NCSU is required.
  • Students must be enrolled in one credit or more the semester they apply to graduate.
  • M.M. students must be continuously enrolled, and all degree requirements must be completed within six calendar years beginning with the date the student commences courses carrying graduate credit applicable to the degree program.