Recommended Timetable for the M.S. Degree Program 

This timetable is intended to provide a structured schedule for the M.S. program in Microbiology. The objectives of the timetable are to keep students proceeding towards the completion of their degree in a timely fashion.

Year 1:

  • Courses
  • Laboratory Rotation
  • Begin research project
  • Form Advisory Committee:
    • Approves plan of study
    • Receives student's research prospectus
    • Evaluates and approves student's progress
  • Submit Plan of Study to graduate school
Year 2:
  • Complete teaching requirement (if not completed in the first year)
  • Prepare M.S. thesis outline
  • Committee:
    • Approve thesis outline
    • Receives student's research progress presentation
    • Evaluates and approves student's progress
  • Complete thesis, defend and graduate (earliest possible date)