Research Rotations
research photo
Doctoral students supported by an NC State University teaching or research assistantship are required to participate in a minimum of two research rotations (carried-out from July through the fall semester). Emphasis is placed on students obtaining sufficient familiarity with research operations and goals in laboratories of MGP faculty so that they can choose and pursue a research topic of high interest. In this way, faculty also become familiar with the new graduate students in the program. The student may choose a laboratory for their thesis or dissertation research following the last rotation period. If necessary, they may participate in an additional rotation, following consultation between the student, the DGP and the respective faculty. Students receive 1 credit of MB 670/870 for two laboratory rotations. Student performance during each rotation is evaluated by the principal investigator of the laboratory. Evaluation will include an assessment of laboratory performance, and a written or oral report by the student on their rotation experience. Satisfactory performance in the laboratory rotations conducted will be required to receive credit for MB 670/870. Students supported with a stipend funded from a faculty grant or targeted resources are not required to participate in the laboratory rotations, but may do so by arrangement with the principal investigators. Students are encouraged to review the faculty research pages and to meet with faculty before deciding upon the specific labs in which the rotation is carried out.