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Why Poultry Science?

Poultry is one of the leading commodities in North Carolina, the US, and the world.  With global population projections of 9 Billion people by 2050, the demand to produce more food efficiently on less space becomes greater.  Poultry Scientists are in high demand.

Why North Carolina State University Prestage Department of Poultry Science?
We are one of 6 Poultry Science departments in the US.  Although we are not the largest, we consider ourselves one of the best.  With a faculty / student ratio of approximately 1:5 we are able to provide students with quality advising and provide specialized course work that enables our graduates to be competitive in both the job market and admission to professional / graduate schools. 

The Prestage Department of Poultry Science offers a Bachelors of Science degree with two concentration options.  Both curricula include core science courses such as Biology, Chemistry, Physiology, and Nutrition and specialized courses related to Poultry Science.  The technology concentration prepares students for entry into the poultry or allied industries and includes additional courses in poultry and business management.  The science concentration offers students additional coursework in the sciences and prepares students for admission to professional schools such as graduate, medical and veterinary schools. 

We encourage all of our students to seek internships with integrated poultry companies during the summer or research opportunities with faculty during the semester.  This offers students a better understanding of the poultry industry and research and provides a connection of science taught in the classroom with the real world application. 
How to apply?
All students interested in Poultry Science should visit the NC State Admissions website to review application dates and deadlines (both new and transfer students).  Often students participate in Spend A-Day-At State (SADAS) to visit with faculty in the desired degree program prior to the application process.  You are also welcome to contact us directly or visit our website for more information.

Scholarship Opportunities
We are very fortunate to have the resources from generous donors that allows us to offer scholarships to incoming freshmen and current students majoring in poultry science.  For more information related to scholarships go to the CALS Scholarship website for application deadlines.

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The career possibilities are boundless.