Facts about …

North Carolina Agricultural Research Service

The mission of the NCARS is to develop the knowledge and technology needed to:

            Improve productivity, profitability and sustainability of industries in agriculture and the life sciences;

            Conserve and improve the state’s natural resources and environment;

            Improve the health, well-being and quality of life of North Carolina’s citizens;

            Provide the science base for academic and extension programs.

Scope of Operations

  • Research in 14 departments in CALS and research collaborations at NC State with CNR, COS, COE, CHASS, CVM, and the School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at NC A&T SU
  • NC Research Campus at Kannapolis involving NC State, UNC-CH, UNC-G, UNC-C, NCCU, NC A&T SU, ASU, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, and Duke University.  Research and Extension Centers at Plymouth and Mills River
  • 18 research stations across the state and 10 NC State field lab facilities support over 1,200 A of plot research; and hosted over 15,000 attendees at field days and other events; 8 NC State centers 
  • Service centers and laboratories including:  Structural Biochemistry Resource, Plant Disease and Insect Clinic, Food Processing Pilot Plant, newly renovated Phytotron, certified BSL-3 high containment facility with a greenhouse, Feed Mill, and Animal Waste Processing Facility


  • 294 research scientists (168 FTE); 275 graduate assistants (116 FTE)
  • 83 post docs (76 FTE); 194 technicians and support staff (172 FTE)
  • 146 researchers (132 FTE research assistants, associates and researchers)


  • 60 IP disclosures (27 inventions, 18 plant varieties, 11 copyrights, 4 software)
  • 62 patents filed, 39 patents issued
  • 936 peer reviewed research publications
  • Grants awarded totaling $67,147,589 (5/1/2015-4/30/2016)
  • Competitive grants awarded 5/1/2015-4/30/2016 per Tenured Tract Research FTE = $399,688


Over 80 active commodity organizations; state and federal agriculture and life sciences agencies; agricultural advocacy organizations such as NC Farm Bureau, NC State Grange, NC Biotechnology Center; variety of agricultural and life sciences companies.

Research Expenditures                             Dollars                         Personnel*       Operating*

Federal                                                          5,395,271

State                                                            55,806,585

Sponsored research                                   60,618,241

Overhead                                                      1,129,681

Sales and service                                         2,989,923

Foundations                                                  7,662,665

Gifts                                                              1,449,845

Total                                                          135,052,211                                78%               22%


*Percentages of expenditures for personnel and operating costs include only federal and state dollars

Revised 7/13/2016