Established in 2016, the mission of the Structural Biochemistry Resource (SBR) is a multivariate platform of infrastructure and training for utilizing structural biology as a tool to the general researcher with the necessary cutting-edge equipment and infrastructure required to conduct advanced research. The SBR operates as a resource and provides NC State researchers, collaborators, and the broader scientific community with access to structural characterization of biomolecules through the use nuclear magnetic resonance, x-ray crystallography, and a variety of biophysical instrumentation. The SBR also provides high-throughput robotics and instrumentation to facilitate the handling of large numbers of samples.

The SBR is administered by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at NC State and operates on a fee-recovery basis. The SBR operates under a laboratory director with oversight from an advisory board of NC State faculty members. In addition to serving as a research resource, the SBR is committed to the education and training of students, faculty, and staff. We educate high school-level to graduate-level students, and encourage them to watch, learn, and gain hands-on experience as their samples proceed through the research process.


Kevin Blackburn

Mass Spectrometry Lab Director

Office: 049 Polk Hall

Phone: 919-515-0833


Dr. Paul Swartz

X-ray Crystallography Director

Office: 053 Polk Hall

Phone: 919-513-0173


Dr. Peter Thompson

NMR Lab Director 

Office: 051 Polk Hall

Phone: 919-515-0836





SBR Faculty Advisory Board Members

NMR Faculty Advisory Board Members


Dr. Dennis Brown

Dr. Christian Melander

X-ray crystallography Faculty Advisory Board Members

Dr. Paul Swartz

Dr. Michael Goshe

Dr. Stefano Menegatti

Dr. Gavin Williams

bio-molecular interaction Faculty Advisory Board Members


Mass spectrometry Faculty Advisory Board Members

Kevin Blackburn