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Energy IQ Challenge

The Energy IQ quiz was conducted in August and September of 2001 as a telephone survey given to 1,503 adults. The results gave 88% of the respondents a failing grade, are YOU up to the challenge?:
1. How is most electricity in the United States generated?
2. Which of the following uses the most energy in the average home?
3. Which of the following sectors of the US economy consumes the greatest percentage of the nation's petroleum?
4. Which fuel is used to generate the most energy in the US each year?
5. Though the US has only four percent of the world's population, what percentage of the world's energy does it consume?
6. In the last 10 years, which of the following industries in the US economy has increased its energy demands the most?
7. In the past 10 years, has the average miles per gallon of gasoline used by vehicles in the US...?
8. Scientists have not determined the best solution for disposing of nuclear waste. In the US, what do we do with it now?
9. The US currently uses oil from both domestic and foreign sources. What percentage of the oil is imported?
10. Scientists say the fastest and most cost-effective way to address our energy needs it to...?
11. For the record, your age is?
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Energy IQ Challenge
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