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Do you Know?...test your environmental knowledge

Test your knowledge with these environmental questions:
1. North Carolina has how many main watershed basins?
2. Which of the following is the largest basin?
3. Which is the smallest coastal basin?
4. Eastern NC has what are known as "brown water systems". WHY is the water brown or "tea-colored"?
5. According to EPA, the pollutant of greatest concern in North Carolina is...?
6. Each individual person uses approximately how many gallons of water per day?
7. In which "room" does most of the water use occur?
8. What percentage of the population in NC utilizes an on-site wastewater treatment system (aka "septic system")?
9. Nitrate in ground water can come from which source(s)?
10. One inch of rain on one acre of land is equal to how many gallons of water?
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Do you Know?...test your environmental knowledge
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