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Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Sightings in North Carolina

Survey Owner: MHCREC Entomology

The purpose of this survey is to track the appearance and movement of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) within North Carolina.

BMSB is an invasive pest that was introduced from Asia to Pennsylvania in 1998. Since then, it has expanded its range, first appearing in North Carolina in 2009. (Many native stink bugs appear very similar to BMSB. See identification tips here.)

At this point there are many areas in NC where BMSB is well established. If you have a small population (less than 50 individuals) AND you are in a county with confirmed sightings (colored orange in the map on our BMSB webpage), you do not need to report it. If you have a larger population, or if you find even one individual in a county where BMSB has not yet been confirmed, we would like to know about it. Please answer the questions below, and if you are reporting from an unconfirmed county, please either:

1) email a clear, close-up photograph of the insect to, or

2) mail the insect specimen to:

Entomology Dept
455 Research Drive
Mills River, NC 28759

We are particularly interested in locations with very large populations (hundreds) in late summer and fall. We always need insects for experiments, and, depending on your location and our schedule, we may be able to take some off your hands. Please fill out the survey or send an email to as soon as you notice the insects.

You may also send photos or specimens if you want a positive confirmation regardless of what county you are in. Note that specimens can be killed by placing in a freezer for 24 hours and shipped (at room temperature) in a small container, such as a plastic pill bottle.

If you have any questions, please submit them to the email address above.

Thank you!
2. How many insects were observed?
3. In what kind of environment was the insect found? (check all that apply)
7. If you cannot send a photograph or specimen, how certain are you that the insects you have are brown marmorated stink bugs?

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Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Sightings in North Carolina
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