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2022 Webinar Survey

Survey Owner: Debbie Roos

This survey is about the webinar format and will help me make future program delivery decisions in the post-COVID era. Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback!
1. Describe yourself. Please check all that apply. *
2. How many webinars have you attended? (ANY webinar, not necessarily a Chatham County Cooperative Extension webinar) *
3. If you have NEVER attended a webinar, why not? Please check all that apply. *
4. If you HAVE attended a webinar, what do you like about them? Please check all that apply. *
5. How often do you view the webinar recording after attending a webinar? *
6. Do you prefer watching a live webinar with real-time presentations and discussion, or a recorded webinar? *
7. Have you ever attended a webinar where if the program had ONLY been offered in-person you would not have attended? *
8. Are you willing to pay a registration fee to attend a webinar? *


11. Do you want to be able to attend webinars even after COVID restrictions have lifted and things "return to normal"? *

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2022 Webinar Survey
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