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ANREP/NACDEP Joint Conference, June 26-29, Burlington, VT

Survey Owner: Diana Rashash

Thank you for attending the joint 2016 ANREP/NACDEP conference. Please take a few minutes and give us feedback about your experience at the conference. Both partnering associations plan to use this information to offer improved educational experiences to their members. No identifying information is collected in this survey and all data will be reported in the aggregate. Thank you for participating!
1. Have you attended an ANREP or NACDEP conference in the past?
The following is a list of components of this conference. How useful were they to you in terms of doing your job or improving your experience at the conference?  Not useful Slightly useful Useful Very useful Did not attend
2. Pre-conference workshops               
3. Opening reception               
4. Concurrent sessions               
5. Regional meetings               
6. General sessions               
7. Award Ceremony               
8. Poster session               
9. Business meeting               
10. Mobile workshops               
11. Post-conference workshops               
The following is a list of components of this conference. How useful were they to you in terms of doing your job or improving your experience at the conference?  Not useful Slightly useful Useful Very useful Did not attend
12. New member meet & greet               
13. Informal networking with fellow association members               
14. Informal networking with members of another association               
For each statement, how did attending the 2016 ANREP/NACDEP joint conference benefit you?  Strongly disagree Disagree Agree Strongly agree Does not apply
15. Increased my understanding of issues relevant to my work               
16. Increased my contacts for future collaborations               
17. Gave me a new understanding of the mission/function of an Extension association other than my own               
18. Increased my awareness of programs related to my work               
19. Provided ideas on how to access resources related to my work               
20. Met my professional development needs               
21. Will help me do a better job of meeting the needs of my students, audiences, or clients               
22. Something else not listed here               
Based on what you learned at this conference, what do you intend to do differently in the next 12 months?  Very likely Maybe Unlikely Does not apply
24. Develop or restructure programs, products, or services for my students, audiences, or clients            
25. Develop or revamp the evaluation strategy for my program, service or product            
26. Begin plans for a collaborative project with someone I connected with at the conference            
27. Develop a grant proposal with other conference attendees            
28. Join an association committee or workgroup            
29. Run for an office or position within one of the associations            
30. Plan to attend the professional meeting of another Extension association            
31. Something else not listed here            

How important to you was each of the following reasons in your decision to register for this conference?  Not important Slightly important Important Very important
33. Meeting location            
34. Conference cost            
35. Conference theme            
36. Opportunity to give a presentation, poster, or workshop            
37. Opportunity to network and have fellowship with Extension association peers            
38. Opportunity to learn from members of another Extension association            
40. Would you be interested in a smaller regional conference for your organization?
41. Would you be interested in future joint conferences with NACDEP or ANREP?
43. Overall, how would you rate this conference?

The next questions deal with the registration process and accommodations. Please select the best response to each question.
  Not satisfied Somewhat satisfied Satisfied Very satisfied Does not apply
46. NACDEP or ANREP conference communications with attendees (emails, etc.)               
47. NACDEP or ANREP website information               
48. Online registration               
49. Onsite registration or conference check-in               
50. Accommodations and site location               
51. Meeting room logistics               
52. Meals and breaks               
Now, please tell us a little about yourself so that we can better understand the views of those who attended the conference.
54. What is your age?
55. In relationship to your work with Extension, in which career stage would you place yourself?
56. With which Extension region are you associated?
57. To which of the following Extension associations do you belong? Please check all that apply.
58. What is your main affiliation?
59. If you work for Extension, which word best describes the scope of your work?
Conferences have an impact on the local economy. Please estimate how much money you spent while traveling in Vermont; include any personal and professional expenses incurred before, during, or after the conference.  Less than $1 $1 to $99 $100 to $199 $200 to $399 $400 to $699 $700 to $1000 Greater than $1000
60. Transportation while in Vermont:                     
61. Lodging:                     
62. Food and beverages:                     
63. Fees and admissions to VT attractions:                     
64. Souvenirs and gifts:                     
65. Other purchases:                     
Thank you for your responses. We will follow-up in six months to ask how you have been able to utilize the content and networking opportunities provided by this conference.
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ANREP/NACDEP Joint Conference, June 26-29, Burlington, VT
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