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Results for Survey: ANREP/NACDEP Joint Conference, June 26-29, Burlington, VT

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Please describe a few specific things you intend to do differently.
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  New collaborations on specific projects.  
  I hope to collaborate with some colleagues on a few programs. I also could a program I would like to work with my county co-workers and try for our clientele.  
  Nothing different, per se, but rather following-up on new approaches.  
  Planning a collaboration with colleagues in another state.  
  add rigor to our program development process.  
  Will explore new research that's relevant to my field.  
  We work as "teams" so it's not a matter of what I plan on doing. I am however sure we will meed as a group and discuss how some of what we saw and learned can be worked into our programming  
  work to internationalize one of my programs include the intentional concept of how networking strengthens group process in the ways outlined by Bradley Baugham  
  Use Ripple Effect Mapping  
  develop new programs; new insight into community work  
  Received at least 5 new ideas to strengthen a youth curriculum guide for publication. Developed new skills and strengthened others to advocate for Extension. Encouraged to revisit municipality collaboration conversations as Extension in our state has not been seen as a trusted partner within government establishments.  
  Beef up some current programs and have a discussion about working more on land issues through Extension in our state.  
  Utilize new processes in programming with local Government.  
  Begin a collaborative project.  
  Maintain contact with people I met. Incorporate contacts into some ongoing multistate work.  
  * Discuss bike loop opportunities with a community planning committee. * Encourage a tree memorial project at a park in need of better mainenance. * Discuss a pine needle composting project with a community garden. * Incorporate Ripple Effects Mapping and Results-based Accountability (RBA not part of conference) into my program evaluation and logic models. * Promote a climate literacy certification for Extension educators as part of a climate ed program I lead.  
  Collect evaluation data in varying modes and over time.  
  Talk with my adviser about setting up a Realtor education session  
  I plan to do more targeted marketing for programming and do more research into the different landowners we serve. I also intend to offer programming on climate change and incorporate some ideas about how to talk about it more effectively.  
  How I approach oil & gas dependent counties I will provide a different set of factors influencing resilience I will change how I think about rural economies (as linked to urban ones)  
  I have been considering developing a new program. I attended a couple related sessions and saw how other Extension professionals were able to accomplish similar goals. I will incorporate some of their ideas, methods, research and evaluation tools into my concept locally. It was a great, meaningful learning opportunity!  
  I'm reconsidering some impact evaluations for my programs- need to do a better job with that. Also, a team of us came up with a plan to work together on a research project during the conference.  
  Approach our work overall with a more open mind.  
  I plan to join ANREP (I'm already a member of NACDEP).  
  I may check out a mobile app. that Ohio State is developing for BR&E. I may check out a new program that Maine is doing for entrepreneurship. I may become involved in some way in programming related to climate change.  
  There were some presenters who I plan to contact for copies of their evaluation questions that appear to possibly be what I need for my program evaluations. I plan on joining ANREP.  
  Expand program areas related to my work and also revisit some older programs to add new ideas.  
  I plan to overlap more with NACDEP members in my state. I also hope to overlap with other ANREP members in different states to collaborate on programs.  
  Unearth potential partnerships within my state and other states to benefit those I serve.  
  Review my notes and seek out more information about some of the programs that were described at the conference, particularly in the concurrent sessions.  
  Maintain connections with others.  
  Nothing actually - I'm on target. Maybe fit in more technology.  
  We have been offering First Impressions and will strongly consider using an app with questions designed for our needs. Will visit with West Virginia about their beautification and hospitality programs to update ours.  
  Learned good practices for presenters at a professional meeting Preparing a poster for a professional meeting  
  Offer new programs  
  put the dates on my calendar for next year  
  Join an ANREP Committee. Develop a new program based on information I gained at this conference. Expedite publication of some work I've done that I found people to be very interested in.  
  Invite another conference attendee to lend their knowledge and expertise to a newly developed community of practice in our state.  
  Forged a stronger partnership with a colleague around another organization, and helped a project in that organization change course in order to be more effective.  
  Nothing specific  
  I will follow up with PI of similar program and make changes to mine if warranted  
  I plan to implement some strategies from similar educational programs running in other states - ex. fostering a better stronger community relationship through potlucks and regular social gatherings as a part of a total program strategy.  
  We 're joining the local food working group so we can continue learning from each other.  
  I will restructure one of my programs to fit the needs of the audience more effectively based on the structure I saw in programs in other states. I will also consider expanding one of my programs to meet additional community needs based on several presentations that I saw about similar programs in other states.  
  I will be using some of the engagement techniques and facilitation processes I learned  
  Joint programs across states.  
  -Reevaluate the impact of the programs I am having. -Focus on development of trust with different organizations and individuals I work with in my county; the emphasis on trust was something that really stood out to me with this conference. -Explore potential programs I have that are successful and how I can help those further evolve into award worthy programs (Everyone likes recognition)!  
  work with SDSU partner to learn about Starting a small business workshops.  
  Incorporate new ideas into programming Begin to develop/promote youth leadership programming Engage in committee efforts  
  pursue more activities in VT  
  Have more time for presentations and question answers-- there was not sufficient time for travel between conference presentation rooms.  
  I plan to work more collaboratively and more regionally.  
  will be participating on a committee or work group.  
  I am retiring so this doesn't apply any more :-)  
  I intend to follow up with some speakers to learn more about their work and how it could benefit me. I also need to find/read some of the resources mentioned throughout the conference.  
  Learned new techniques, tools that can be incorporated into current programming efforts. Potentials include a entrepreneurship round table program that I will present to a local community team that is focused on mfg/entrepreneurship goals. Reach out to other North Central states to find potential expertise to further programming efforts, write a multi-state grant to expand program.  
  fully develop an idea on civic engagement utilizing some existing resources and programs from conference.  
  Review other online courses for ideas as we develop ours.  
  Share the West Virginia tourism booklet with our state specialist for use in Alabama  
  Use some of the ideas I heard to better utilize our volunteers, contact colleagues who are already working with natural resource enterprises.  
  Re-evaluate programming in areas I serve.  
  Thanks to preconference workshop, I can raise the level of service that I provide with community deliberations.  
  Collaborate with out-of-state contacts on watershed restoration and education activities.  
  Build stronger program metrics Launch training program to acquaint Extension educators about data resources and application Explore multi-state training for educators  
  Contact folks in another state to determine if we can collaborate on some online learning ideas.  
  Use some of the tools developed by other Extension programs  
  Look into the Citizen Science resources at Minnesota Extension Reach out to other first detector programs for materials / approaches  
  get more involved with ANREP and NACDEP, reach out to food hubs in my region.  
  Only received a few new ideas this year that could be applied to my programming. If time, I'd like to try them.  
  Incorporate some of the information I learned into my community position on the local Parks and Recreation Board.  
  Collaborative research, outreach and grant writing  
  Looking to revamp some of my projects based on ideas from other presentations. The joint conference with NACDEP was perfect for me and my work. I appreciated being able to attend some of their presentations, and almost learned more from those than from ANREP.  
  Change a current in-classroom presentation for 5th - 6th graders related to water issues to one that is more hands-on and STEM based. I will be using the Rain to Drain - Slow the Flow science experiment developed by Penn State. I will also use this experiment for an inservice training I am doing for 4-H staff in January. I plan to increase public engagement using "Liberating Structures" practices described in one of my concurrent sessions. I will read the book first to determine how I will use the information specifically.  
  Develop a more focused education and outreach program for my office.  
  Revamp program to include hybrid components  
  I will be making changes to a long-running program, adding a new evaluation technique. I will be working with another individual from another state on a joint project and presentation.  
  Collaborate with others addressing the climate change issues/concerns and resources/tools available to meet the changing needs of our clientele.  
  I learned about Ripple Mapping Evaluation and intend on using that in the future.  
  I plan to actually connect up with some of the presenters to talk independently with them about their project and consider working on that for implementation in my state.  
  Loved seeing the way local food and agrotourism has advanced in the NE part of US. I will implement a few of the practices I learned during the concurrent sessions as well.  
  # 23.... Create a MN pollinator Friendly Tree and Shrub Extension fact sheet.  
  Develop a stronger connection to my international contacts to develop a cross-cultural program for women leaders.  
  Apply for a NACDEP award  
  Introduce EAB program from Oregon into our state (Colorado)  
  Incorporate "I am from..." stories into the opening of community visioning sessions.  
  presentation should be more enlivening, poster pictures should be larger  
  Being very new to Extension community and economic systems, this experience serves to further develop my capabilities and gain some assistance/coaching on subject areas beneficial to my work and community.  
  Enhance an established program that I have running in NH with the information learned at the conference.  
  Collaborate more with North Central colleagues  
  I have a NCRCRD proposal with a person I met through NACDEP!  
  work with city to address local foods  
  Increase collaboration with colleagues in natural resources programs.  
  Utilize more technology and reach out to Extension colleagues in other states more.  
  Incorporating more Ag aspects within my scope of work  
  Learn more about citizen science activities and how to support stakeholder citizen science activities.  
  I plan to work on additional angles related to community engagement concerning climate change.  
  new collaborations  
  The ANREP conference has changed too much over the past 10- 15 years. The requests for proposals asked for innovation and interactive sessions and that is what the conference used to be. It used to be the best conference out of all of them but at this time I m am not planning on going again. Sorry just being honest, I was dissapointed.  
  Look at using citizen science as a means of advancing our Natural Resource Conservation programming.  
  Engage in a regional project  
  Increase partnership in future resaerch works  
  Write a grant proposal and a journal article with colleagues from other states that I connected with at the conference.  
  I will check with some of the colleagues I met during this conference to see what has worked well in their state before beginning several program ideas I have.  
  I plan to develop a new program or two because of information I gained at the conference.