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Results for Survey: ANREP/NACDEP Joint Conference, June 26-29, Burlington, VT

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Please provide suggestions for conference themes or keynote speakers.
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  "Basic Extension: Re-evaluating Our History and Approach"  
  How to develop multi agency, county, city or State partnerships agreements (documents). What to put into these contracts.  
  Community development for the 21st century; Re-localizing the economy through community development; Durability;  
  more speakers about community development, public art, tourism.  
  Doug Tallamy - Bringing Nature Home (ANREP)  
  The rise of the cooperative  
  An energizing nationally recognized speaker  
  Water, Climate Change, Nat. Resource Tourism Economy  
  Engaging the unengaged - this was a common theme through many of my conversations - what gets people to participate in our programs?  
  The 2 speakers I heard were great.  
  something about metropolitan issues or at least urban/rural. it seems CED should just be renamed Rural development given the lack of notice or interest that nearly 80% of americans ive in metro areas but can still face the same underresourced issues rural communities do.  
  Love all of them --- especially, the opening with the Vermonter.  
  Responding to large scale changes (climate, globalization, immigration, etc.) from a framework that draws on but is not hemmed in by the current focus on "adaptation"  
  I appreciate that you kept the keynote/capstone sessions and other housekeeping (awards, business mtgs, etc) to a minimum to focus more time on member presentations and networking which provide the most value to me.  
  A location that is not so isolated; a better venue; more breaks/space in the schedule for informal conversations or to follow up on concurrent session material  
  Phillip Ackerman was excellent. I enjoyed that speech much more than the closing session which was not as applicable to my work.  
  Tim Kight of Focus3; Amy Toensing (storytelling through photography - National Geographic)  
  Perhaps something to do with mitigation - esp. of climate change impacts to communities...  
  Last general speaker on re-monetizing natural resources was amazing. And it spoke to the crossover with economic development. More economic development is helpful. And although I realize many people are working in food, the conference was food heavy.  
  I'd love to hear a futurist talk about the future of education and of communities, as it relates to the work we do in extension.  
  Globalizing Extension in 21st Century  
  I would like to see NACDEP find a way to partner with the Health Outreach Conference that is also sponsored by CES as a forum to discuss health in all policies.  
  Hmmm...Sunday session speaker needs to be dynamic, insprirational. Good question for shorter follow-up survey early this fall.  
  Mentoring seasons for younger. Funding and innovative funding. Federal staff was present and could have been invited to share national program directions etc. working woth non- profits  
  Urban/rural interface - collaboration and culture  
  None off the top of my head...  
  Moving the needle--focus on community outcomes in cd or nr  
  Theme - Sky's the Limit: The Impact of CD Efforts Across the Nation (Big Sky); something with a generational focus; something on collaboration across all levels... As for the keynote, I DO NOT believe the keynote should only highlight successes that have been achieved within the host state. I was VERY underwhelmed by the speakers at this conference. The Ignites saved the assemblies for me! One speaker (preferably the final speaker) should be focused on motivating attendees to go out and use the information they gained at the conference - YES, even professionals need that "feel good" motivator to wrap things up and really get them excited about the future of their programming!  
  sustainability, community patnerships, team building, establishing trust all the secrets of workign with people. We get the techno stuff form our training and education. tips and successs ( failures too) provide the meaningful insights, however.  
  motivation; personal strengths finders  
  Wildland-Urban Interface; Conservation vs. Preservation  
  ecotourism, economic development  
  Stephen Pyne: Fire cuts across all naytural resource issues  
  Don Stuart, author of Barnyards and Birkenstocks: Why Farmers and Environmentalists Need Each Other. Sessions on a vision for how agriculture can emerge from current "food fights" in a new form that supports community.  
  Reaching diverse people and communities in new ways  
  Urban extension models  
  Rafe Esquith- author of "teach like your pants are on fire"  
  National initiatives. I liked the General Session connected to National Climate Change preparedness. Very informative.  
  ecosystem restoration, disaster recovery  
  Purdue's Ext Dean would be good... he is a good thinker.  
  Have a keynote speaker on "Liberating Structures" (see book and website)  
  national thought leader especially related to communicating science and collaborative problem solving  
  Thriving vs surviving.making way for millenial take over, transitioning to sustainability,  
  Global Change: Climate, Economy, Politics, & Citizenship  
  Climate change adaptation  
  Keynotes were good, but really didnt inspire me or link both NR and Comm Development in a way that i thought was useful, mainly was community development with some ag influence...  
  Dr. John McKnight  
  diverse audiences  
  Not experienced enough (yet). Thanks  
  Need to highlight data  
  Using technology to deliver Extension programs.  
  don't need a theme, just a variety of workshops to meet attendees needs  
  Provide coffee  
  Secretary of Agriculture or Director of the EPA  
  Working across programs. Emphasis on how natural resources and CED can collaborate.