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Results for Survey: ANREP/NACDEP Joint Conference, June 26-29, Burlington, VT

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Please explain the reason(s) you decided to attend the conference.
(Short Answer)

  Networking and holding a pre-conference meeting  
  To help me with my job  
  Learn new programming approaches  
  I spoke at a session.  
  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend at the last minute  
  My talk was accepted, I was interested in the location, and I found that some of my counterparts at other universities would be attending.  
  meet with peers.  
  the 2014 Conf. was wonderful.  
  Excited to present research and meet others  
  Present research  
  primarily a chance to network with colleagues from other areas of the country I don't get a chance to connect with face to face out side of the conference setting  
  Professional develoment, networking, received awards.  
  An ANREP member told me I should attend  
  I was hoping to learn and take back detailed strategies of successful projects and processes of evaluating those projects.  
  present research  
  In my region, liked the idea of two organizations - but topics didn't seem to bridge communities and natural resources very thorougly  
  I do outreach work that bridges natural resources and CED, so I thought this was up my alley, and am also new to Extension.  
  Prof development, presentation, connection and network building  
  location and ability to network and learn from Extension peers  
  location and involvement in presentation.  
  Great Location, Great chance to network/learn even though my presentation was not accepted  
  All of the above - workshop presentation being the most important  
  A chance to do scholarship (present research), professional development, maintain relationships with nationwide colleagues, and a desirable location.  
  My supervisor felt it would be beneficial for career development  
  I always attend NACDEP, national collaboration  
  second year, trying to assess the value, ROI of these for my work, leaning towards it not being worth membership nor cost of attending meetings - very little value to me  
  networking and learning about a new area of the country  
  To present and learn  
  Exciting theme and engaging speakers  
  Joint conference of anrep and nacdep. I loved that. Would love to see additional joint conferences.  
  Need to present for promotion.  
  colleagues, now retired, had gone in the past. my turn. also, opportunity to present session at conference and meet people interested in similar work  
  For the homophily!  
  Board member and have attended everyone of the NACDEP conferences!  
  See what types of programs are happen across the country  
  Thought it would offer a good networking opportunity.  
  I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn more about how others in extension work  
  Was able to present a new offering we had, connected with other Extension personnel  
  I find great value in networking with my colleagues and learning about extension programs across different states  
  I just started my position as an extension professional and it was fantastic to see everything that they do acrsoss the country.  
  We were selected to present a session.  
  Network with colleagues. Learn about new programs that could work in my state.  
  I've never been to an ANREP conference - it was great to see some faces from there that I haven't seen in years. The resiliency theme is extremely relevant, esp as we face increasing impacts of climate change. Lots of reasons I attended.  
  One time each year I can network with other CD professionals for an extended period of time.  
  I am new to extension, the conference was nearby, and therefore it seemed like a great opportunity to understand the tone(s) of our work (including nationwide).  
  My extension work includes overlap between Community Development and Natural Resources  
  I'm highly involved with NACDEP, I enjoy it, and I was intrigued by both the location and the opportunities to learn from ANREPers.  
  I had never been to Vermont, so that seemed fun. The main reason I wanted to attend was the joint meeting with ANREP. Much of my CD work would fall under ANREP so I learned a great deal from their presentations and felt a good fit that I had not at previous NACDEP conferences.  
  Location, location, location...  
  This was the national meeting of my professional association. It also provided a great opportunity to present on the national level.  
  To make others aware of our work and gain ideas of how to do work differently.  
  It was a wonderful opportunity to learn about two program areas - community development and natural resources.  
  Location - somewhere I have never been with a vibrant city and local attractions  
  Habit (?) Important to support national organization. There are always good takeaways.  
  Co-presenter of a session and wanted to learn new ideas to bring home  
  Support my colleagues and network with other from across USA.  
  professional development  
  Be exposed to new program ideas. Meet people d  
  ANREP is like family. I love attending and connecting with everyone.  
  location, presentation  
  To get new program ideas and connections.  
  ANREP is a must. It is the best opportunity to meet with NR Extension Peers. Cost was a little high, mainly because getting to VT is not that easy. I found ways to economize. I liked Conference theme and tried to structure my presentation around it and was a little disappointed that, as far as I could tell, most people did not address theme in their presentations - it was pretty much ignored.  
  Same as always. It's a great pro. Dev. Opportunity.  
  I enjoyed last year's conference.  
  Professional development and program improvement through sharing of ideas  
  It is my primary professional organization and the conference is well attended by the colleagues at my university.  
  The opportunity to network with colleagues from around the country; whom I wouldn't otherwise see (or even know).  
  Committee meetings, give presentation, learn about other programs  
  To network with fellow colleagues and learn how other similar extension positions are leading their programs.  
  presentation and poster  
  For the food track. It also gave us the opportunity to have a post conference workshop.  
  I was asked to attend by my supervisor, but I was also interested in attending on my own because I wanted to learn from professionals running similar programs in other states and to share my program.  
  I am no longer attending the annual meetings of my disciplinary association because NACDEP provides more applied opportunities to learn  
  Network and gain ideas for improved programming  
  I know the value of the networking opportunities at this conference. I love the opportunities the conference provides for NATIONAL LEVEL teaching, service, and networking.  
  Had never been to NACDEP and my colleagues expressed its importance.Wanted to see Trudy Rice elected to board; when she got the award it was even more important to me to be there.  
  New to community development area and wanted to learn more about it. I was not disappointed.  
  location, grant money and opportunity to pitch current program  
  NACDEP is a saving grace!  
  I have program responsibilities in both natural resources and community development areas so this was good opportunity to combine both at one conference  
  To present. In service to my professional organization. To renew relationships.  
  Somewhere that I could drive to. Had never been to an ANREP conference before  
  Attending this conference is one of my main professional development activities as I find great value in connecting with colleagues from across the country and in learning about their work.  
  This conference is one of my best chances to learn about innovative natural resources extension programming. I need it to learn what is working in other states, how i can better my programs, and the lessons learned from other programs.  
  I've attended every ANREP conference since the beginning - a great professional development and networking opportunity  
  Networking and learning from other Natural Resource Extension Pros.  
  My county recently participated in a First Impressions program which allowed me to get involved in Community and Economic Development work.  
  national conference required for professional development  
  NACDEP is a very good conference. I can find colleagues to learn from, network with and gain expertise for my own programmatic efforts.  
  professional development and networking  
  Opportunity for a professional presentation and to see work being done in my field by other universities.  
  JCEP Marketing Team responsibility  
  The ANREP meetings are always excellent, and I was excited at the opportunity to travel to Vermont. I was able to present a program and a poster, which are important professional development opportunities.  
  Vermont proximity to me; presenting my work; had hope to connect with possible employers at US Universities  
  It was the annual conference of my professional Extension association and I attend yearly.  
  professional development  
  Despite the high cost of registration, rooms and flights networking with peers and sessions made it worth the cost, but I'm concerned of the many with budgets that may have been too small.  
  Location and acceptance of presentation  
  Opportunity to take what I learned in a project and share it with colleagues in a presentation.  
  To present and receive an award  
  I try to attend annually to be an active member of the association  
  Opportunity to present and meet other Extension educators.  
  To present  
  Presenting, Professional development, Drivable distance  
  Opportunity to present.  
  I attended because it was a joint NACDEP/ANREP conference - great leverage of dollars/funding to cover two meetings in one.  
  Location and presentation acceptance. I always try to attend the ANREP conferences.  
  give presentation  
  I always attend for prof dev  
  meet with members of ANREP  
  Location and agenda  
  Had professional development dollars that I needed to spend  
  I thought the connection with ANWREP would be fun and I would learn something new.  
  Present a poster, network with other Extension professionals, find useful resources to use in my education and outreach programs.  
  I think the time to connect with my fellow Extension peers is important. (And Burlington was an appealing location).  
  Good opportunity to meet other extension professionals and close to home.  
  To present and visit a new part of the country for me.  
  Networking with other ANREP members  
  Assist with preconference workshop, present poster, interact with other NR Professioanls  
  Extension leadership obligations, presentations, networking, location  
  location, timing, fuding, opp to link to other personal improvement time  
  Since I work in both Natural Resources and Community Developement, I was able to garner information from both professional associations.  
  Opportunity to present work and gain feedback at a location that I wanted to visit  
  My state had funding that was overage this year, and as such I could afford to go,,, airfare was terribly high from the midwest.  
  Conference theme and opportunity to network  
  Location and topics on the agenda  
  Was able to present at the conference. Networked and met many attendees that I hope to connect with soon.  
  I was eager to learn from colleagues and to present with my colleagues.  
  Professional Development, Share a poster and give a presentation  
  First timer, new to Extension CD, Vermont, colleagues recommended  
  I work in community food systems, and Vermont is known for their local food system work. I was particularly sold on the conference because of the tour opportunities. Also, I have a backgroud in Natural Resources and bring that into my current Community Development work--so having both associations in one place was exciting to me. Furthermore, the theme of resiliency is important to me.  
  Seemed like a good fit for getting some new ideas for my programming  
  to learn from others, network and present scholarly work  
  Needed annual professional development with others in my field.  
  it was held in Vermont  
  Self development in the area of extension through meeting more experienced persons.  
  The conference was in VT.  
  Had never been to Vermont, wanted to try presenting an Ignite session  
  to present  
  were both together and I am a member of both  
  To offer presentations, learn from colleagues, network  
  a colleague insisted I should go for networking opportunities  
  Never been to Vermont and to gain valuble resources I could use in my programming  
  Fairly new to Extension and needed broader exposure to the field.  
  location and my presentation was accepted.  
  I am an ANREP member and I learn a lot at these conferences.  
  Location in VT; "kindred spirits" who "get" Extension!!!!  
  location, present  
  To visit Burlington VT.  
  I try to attend all ANREP national conferences.  
  In "extension", we all support one or more technical program areas (e.g. water quality, wildlife, etc.). There are plenty of venues to go to, present at, etc. for technical aspects of that program area. Byt, ANREP is the only place at which we can all share and focus on doing extension within that technical program area.  
  First time attending. Opportunity to present poster and sessions relevant to my work- Master Gardener State Lead  
  Opportunity to share programs and network with colleagues. Convenient, attractive location.  
  I had not attended NACDEP in some time and had research to present that would fit NACDEP work in many different states.