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Results for Survey: ANREP/NACDEP Joint Conference, June 26-29, Burlington, VT

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Please describe a specific way that you benefitted from this conference.
(Short Answer)

  Knowing what other Extension programs going on in my region.  
  Networking with Colleagues  
  Gaining new programming ideas from other states.  
  I'm going to use the Penn State Rain to Drain program.  
  Connected with a colleague at another university and planned idea for a new publication.  
  learning about successful programs.  
  met one person who may be willing to collaborate on a project  
  Learned about new, relevant research for my field  
  heard about "flipped programming" (pre conference) and saw it applied in one of the break out sessions...hope to use something similar in our state program.  
  discussion of sustainability needs of young professionals when Extension is overly full with 'Veteran' employees  
  learned about iTree  
  New linkages to faculty/educators working in the same topic areas.  
  presented my research  
  Networking with colleagues from my own organization as we were all in the same place together.  
  Opportunities to collaborate on specific multi-state projects  
  Getting a sense of what else is going on in Extension in the country since I'm still new to my own Extension.  
  New outreach materials to share  
  specific ideas on using art as an economic development and engagement tool; using trails  
  networking and presentations of work.  
  Out of state time to network with my own colleague, who I don't see often because of distance.  
  Confirmed the importance of the programs I do and gave me ideas for future programming  
  Learning that colleagues are facing similar problems in their regions and brainstorming ideas.  
  Engagement reminder within the larger Extension world  
  renewed my spirit for this work  
  Had a great discussion with a book editor. Looking forward to writing a chapter.  
  Received several ideas to consider incooperating into future programming- such as new processes to consider.  
  Got some new ideas for programming techniques.  
  Networking with people with similar jobs, interests  
  Learned about projects/techniques I plan to implement in my programming of immediate need.  
  Educational ideas provide by the Shelburne Farms mobile workshop.  
  Future collaboration  
  becoming aware of the breath of extension education  
  I met a couple people who I might collaborate with.  
  By learning about what programming other people offer and what challenges they face  
  Picked up information of what others are doing in a variety of subjects  
  I got constructive feedback on my programming by from my colleagues  
  An unexpected benefit came from the edibles food tour. I developed a great appreciation for the local food system, and am considering how to apply some of those concepts locally for our community.  
  I made an incredible amount of contacts and have an action plan for moving forward now with some of my work projects. Extremely beneficial!  
  Broadened my understanding of the issues our work might/should address.  
  I am new to extension - 4th week! It was great to have an overview of the program opportunities and applications.  
  The 3-state pre-tour on sustainability was the biggest impact for me. I never would have done anything like that without this conference setting it up  
  I made connections with people who have experience in areas that I am new to and now have some people to call when I have questions.  
  learned more about Extension efforts and challenges ahead.  
  I was able to meet some new people and learn about new and emerging programs at other universities.  
  Learned about different areas of programming from other states.  
  Learned about ways to improve my programming, based on work in other states.  
  Networking is the strongest benefit  
  Stronger interpersonal connections with colleagues in Cooperative Extension  
  I use the conference to compare/check the programs/process/direction/focus/progress in my state.  
  I connected with people from different disciplines  
  Greatly reaffirmed we are on the right track with our programming and gave us ideas for next steps.  
  Made contact with old colleagues across the country  
  meeting a diverse group of natural resource professionals with similar goals  
  New program ideas to offer in my county  
  Great ideas for new programs in my state!  
  gained new info to work with Local Foods Local Places steering committee  
  I found that several others are pondering similar areas of potential expansion of our work.  
  Important connections. I met at least half a dozen people from my own state that I had never met before.  
  Seeing and meeting other members is great. We have much to learn from each other.  
  Interesting to see how programs are accomplished in other areas.  
  New perspectives and contacts related to citizen science (the work I do)  
  Two or three sessions contained information that I can use in my work, one of them immediately.  
  The networking at this conference has always been the most valuable piece for me. I set up several future conversations and anticipate collaborative work to come out of each.  
  Learned of a program similar to one of mine that I can learn from.  
  I am a new employee of extension so I was able to learn more about the greater team I have become a part of.  
  networking with community development colleagues  
  Great networking and through our post conference workshop  
  I was able to learn from the experience of program leaders in other states through concurrent sessions and informal meetings.  
  An opportunity to collaborate on a regional Hatch grant  
  Meeting and connecting with colleagues who do similar work in other states  
  The networking opportunities are always may favorite part of these conferences.  
  learned new ways to enhance First Impressions, Others who are doing Starting a small business workshops, Others who are doing hospitality programs.  
  Better understood the connection between NACDEP and ANREP  
  New perspectives in place, people and possibilities  
  Opportunity to connect with NIFA representatives was very useful.  
  Opportunity to present at national conference; made contacts for collaboration for upcoming programs  
  made some great connections with other like minded folks and found new ways to connect acoss states.  
  Networking and new ideas for programming from things being done in other states  
  I will begin a collaboration with another faculty member from neighboring state on international program  
  Meeting colleagues from across the country  
  I heard several presentations that I intend to follow up on to learn more. The topics will help me build skills and (hopefully) lead to better work.  
  meeting other Extension colleagues.  
  From this conference I was able to take ideas used in similar towns and bring them back to my area for implementation.  
  new ideas for stormwater management and invasive species  
  Ideas for collaboration across states. Ideas for programs to bring to my state. Feedback for how to improve my own programs.  
  utilizing economic data in local governments  
  Saw examples of online courses being run by other ANREP members. Learned interesting new information on a wide array of topics. Met people from my university I hadn't met before!  
  Perspective gained on Farmers Markets during the post conference will help me steer our planning committee to be intentional in attracting more diverse audiences to the market.  
  Great discussion and feedback on my poster presentation topic from colleagues. I will use what I learned during the bicycle trail tour when helping develop a regional bike trail in my county.  
  Chance to present work and research  
  I have met new extension educators in my specific discipline and make plans for a future conversation.  
  professional development  
  Reconnected with coworkers from another state  
  Found new resources and inspiration, as from details on the Dane County Pollinator Protection plan.  
  Brought home new educational resources I plan to use immediately  
  Heard of new programs from colleagues that I plan to implement in my state  
  Learned of some similar programs in other states that we can partner with.  
  networking, project ideas  
  Increased awareness of similar programming efforts in other states using different approaches.  
  The mobile workshops were especially helpful to me -- great connections made, lessons learned from folks doing work now we're starting in my community. learned a ton from their experience. Did the food hub/intervale tour. Excellent!  
  Tools/Resources for my programming  
  networking with others that work in the same area of expertise and discussing possible multi-state collaborations  
  Always good to touch base with colleagues doing the same things in other states and learn from them and their experiences.  
  Meeting colleagues delivering programs I could bring to my state.  
  As an ANREP member I really appreciated seeing how other states do NACDEP programming.  
  contacts with members of NACDEP during sessions  
  cross cutting topics (local foods, ag, natural resources) were very beneficial  
  made some network connections that will probably lead to a new program offering.  
  Obtained programming resources I will be using in my own state. Happened to be a perfect fit.  
  Networking with other extension professionals, learning how they implement programs  
  Networking and gathering new resources  
  New ideas  
  The networking opportunities  
  Made new contacts for project support, collaboration, discussion.  
  Excellent and diversified sessions, great opportunities to network, mobile workshop very beneficial  
  A totally different regional context, culture and community  
  Since our state doesn't have an ANREP chapter, it was very valuable to meet others who are doing similar work.  
  learned new ways to provide programming  
  Was able to leran about allied programs and how education is being provided  
  I am new to my job so gave me some specific and concrete examples of what the work looks like  
  Learned about other extension programs that could serve as models for my work  
  The mobile workshop allowed me to see agrotourism in another part of the US. Very interesting and very educational. Would like to use my newly made contacts to bring a group of producer for a visit.  
  I learned about research that is important to the work that I do and I am interested to apply this new information.  
  Our Midwest ANREP members split into program idea groups and I lead the Pollinator Tree and shrub group which we are planning to create and share a Midwest Excel spread sheet or pollinator friendly list of trees and shrubs, all will add and edit and then each state can choose which species to promote in their state on Extension publications, etc....  
  Public deliberation tools  
  Gained a new idea to share with my local CSA farmers about how to structure CSA payment plans to accomodate customer paying with SNAP benefits (from a concurrent session)  
  Great networking. I like to see how other Universities operate.  
  Learned of similar programming in other areas and made contacts to collaborate  
  allowed me to engage in scholarly work needed for my professional assessment, giving presentations  
  Met colleagues from other areas and learned from their experiences by sharing.  
  Offer a certificate of some sort that reflects attending the workshops  
  meeting others, making presentation, presenting poster, being in VT  
  In all instances, I gathered ideas and methods at approaching my work; improved my insight.  
  Workforce development sessions & networking  
  Links to resources I didn't know about and people I had never met before. VT was wonderful!  
  more info on local foods  
  wildfire resources for outreach  
  I enjoyed learning about natural resources issues, especially in the poster session (I am a NACDEP member).  
  learned more about iTree  
  Strengthened my network with new Ag contacts  
  Peer-to-peer networking, idea sharing, and academic resource development.  
  This conference (ANREP) always helps me to "recharge my batteries" with kindred spirits interested in Extension scholarship. An added benefit was meeting with NACDEP.  
  professional development  
  I liked participating in the sessions that focused on Citizen Science. I found those sessions most beneficial and will look at bringing what I learned back to my own county program.  
  Developed a contact with a program doing similar work in Florida.  
  Funding opportunities identified and new ideas based on different perspectives and programs shared.  
  I made connections with colleagues in other states that I plan to collaborate with for future grant funding and program development.  
  I gathered some new ideas for improving the health and welllness initiatives through walking trails and safe cross walks etc.  
  connecting with colleagues in other states