The VetPAC office is happy to offer a number of other helpful services to prospective and current pre-veterinary students.  This section offers tips and suggestions to help students prepare the supplemental applications, prepare for interviews, and determine how to gain North Carolina residency for tuition and application purposes.  The resources on this page are designed to help students make a decision about where to apply to undergraduate as well as veterinary school and give students more tools to ensure success.  The sample supplemental application questions can give students a good idea of what to expect when they begin filling out their applications, while the mock interviews can help students to formulate answers and learn correct interviewing procedure.

Supplemental Application

Many veterinary schools across the country require a supplemental application that give the committee more information about the applicants experiences and understanding of the veterinary profession. Supplemental applications can be found on the individual vet school's website and require an additional fee along with the VMCAS fee.

Veterinary Schools that require Supplemental Application:

Auburn University
Colorado State University
Cornell University
University of Florida
University of Illinois-Urbana
Iowa State University
Kansas State University
Louisiana State University
Michigan State University
Mississippi State University
University of Missouri
North Carolina State University
Ohio State University
Oklahoma State University
Oregon State University
University of Georgia
University of Pennsylvania
University of Tennessee
Virginia-Maryland Regional College
Washington State University
University of Wisconsin

DVM Applicant Interview

Some veterinary schools use interviews as a part of their application process. The interview questions can cover topics from veterinary experience, ethical scenarios/situations, an understanding of the veterinary profession, or personal questions that allow the committee to get an overall feel for the candidate. If an applicant is invited to an interview, he or she should prepare for it beforehand. Some Veterinary Schools that offer interviews: Auburn University UIUC University of Florida Ohio State University Purdue University Washington State University VMR Blacksburg

NC Residency

Gaining North Carolina residency will allow the student to pay in-state tuition while in vet school. For the NCSU-CVM, the in-state tuition is $18,516 while out of state is $43,753. Gaining NC residency is very beneficial, but it is also a 13 month process that has to be completed before being able to pay in-state tuition. Click on the NC Residency tab for helpful tips on getting your NC residency and how to go about attaining it.