Our Hearts Ever Hold You...N.C. State

If you are a graduate of the Ag Institute or would like to work with us, this is the place for you!

The Agricultural Institute has a great network of alumni and does its best to keep them informed about what is new at the AGI.  A newsletter is prepared twice a year that provides the most up to date information and can be sent straight to your inbox by joining our mailing list.    


We also strive to provide our alumni with announcements of any career opportunities if they are looking for a change. There are many ways you can help us further the educational goals of our students: volunteer to speak at AGI Club meetings or one of your classes; offer an on-site tour of your farm or agribusiness: work with us to create an internship at your company or family farm; support the Institute through charitable contributions and sponsor our events and reunions.  We are also looking for companies to attend a luncheon with all of the AGI freshman at the end of each fall semester.  The event allowed students and industry representatives to make professional connections.  

If you are a friend of the Agricultural Institute or an employer in the Agricultural field, we would love to help you find employees.  By clicking the link below, you are able to post a job or internship that you have available.