Student Internships 

The Agricultural Institute (AGI) offers a two course sequence designed to help students learn and apply soft skills that are necessary in today’s workplace.
> AGI 191 Professional Development
> AGI 192 External Learning Experience
AGI 191 is a one (1) credit hour course that focuses on specific, research-based employability skills necessary in today’s workforce. This course meets once a week the semester before the internship starts. During the internship(AGI 192), students gain real-world, practical, and hands-on experiences working closely with a mentor who also serves as an industry partner.

Requirements for the Internship Program
> One year of coursework (Approximately 30 hours)
> AGI 191: Professional Development (Must pass with a B– or better)
> Application and interview with prospective employer
> Maintain good academic standing
> Establish a mentor or professional relationship with an employer

Learn more about what the internship entails by reading the Student Internship Guidebook.

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