CALS Contracts & Grants Pre-Award Policy - 20 & 5

The implementation of the CALS Contracts & Grants Pre-Award Policy - 20 & 5, will begin Friday, February 1. During the month of February, CALS Pre-Award Consultants will work with PIs to transition to the new policy.

The 20 & 5 Policy will go into effect on March 1, 2019.

The 20, denoted in the policy, refers to the business days prior to the PI denoted deadline, a PINS record is initiated by the PI. The only required item to be included in the PINS record would be the RFA/Program Announcement. This would then start the proposal process and dialogue with CALS Pre-Award Consultants.

This document is a result of more than six months of discussions, including three meetings with the CALS Research Committee, presentation at January DDD meeting, and numerous revisions and reworks.

The policy provides for a more consistent, straightforward, and fair process, which defines the roles of and mutual expectations for PIs and CALS Pre-Award Consultants during the proposal development and submission process.


Overview Video & Policy

A brief overview of the policy can be found via a short 5-minute video accessible by visiting the following link: CALS C&G Pre-Award Policy 20 & 5 Video and selecting "Authenticate" to log in with your Unity ID. You can also view the presentation slides here

Additionally, the policy can be viewed at the following link: CALS C&G Pre-Award Policy - 20 & 5 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to your Pre-Award Consultant or