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CBO Reminders & Updates

Business Partners Meeting: Recording and Slides Available

If you were unable to join us for the July Business Partners meeting, you may view the recording and meeting slides on the Business Partners webpage at www.go.ncsu.edu/calsbusinesspartners. Our next business partners meeting is scheduled for September 11.

Business Services Updates

Paymode-X for ACH Payment Processing

NC State’s Purchasing Department and Controller’s Office have teamed up to initiate the Paymode-X program, an electronic settlement network for ACH payment processing. The program will allow suppliers to receive faster, more secure ACH payments, comprehensive remittance advices and detailed reporting. Invitations to enroll in the Paymode-X network will be sent to a select group of targeted vendors first. If you have any questions about this program, or receive inquiries from vendors, please call Kim Kelley in the Controller’s Office or Megan Brown in the Purchasing Department or have your vendors call Paymode-X at 1-800-331-0974 or email enrollment@paymode-x.com.

New and Updated Forms Coming to ServiceNow

In response to customer feedback, the following Business Services forms will be updated in ServiceNow: Billing Requests (IDS/IDB, External Billing), JVs/IDJs, Requisitions, Vouchers/Invoices, and Wex forms. Two new forms will also be added: the Non-Employee Travel Request form (for new vendors - w9 and ACH forms are still required to be faxed in), and the Personal Reimbursement form. All forms have also been updated to include definitions of the requested transaction and other helpful form instructions, and in many cases, completion of these forms will help eliminate the need to attach additional request forms. Training materials will be made available in the coming weeks to assist with submission of these forms.

The Importance and Benefits of a Purchase Order

As you consider the large-scale purchases (greater than $5,000) that you may need to make over the upcoming year, it is important to understand why it is necessary to submit a purchase order, and how the college and university offices work together with suppliers to negotiate the best prices, delivery expectations, and invoicing options. By informing the CBO of your purchasing needs and decisions, we can work with the university to ensure you are receiving great quality goods and services at the best prices.

Read more to understand how we can work together to meet your purchasing needs.

New Amazon Enhanced Checkout with Price Lock Protection

Amazon’s new Enhanced Checkout with Price Lock for MarketPlace users went live on July 1. This new feature is designed to reduce order pricing changes for Amazon Business customers. Amazon has dynamic pricing functionality that displays the most up-to-date price at the time of item selection. However, due to MarketPlace approval requirements, some orders experienced price changes from the time items were added to the shopping cart and the requisition was created to the time the order was dispatched to Amazon.

To reduce price changes, Amazon’s new Enhanced Checkout includes a price lock for seven days. To receive the seven-day price lock:

  1. The Ship To address from the order must be the same address in the Ship To field on your My Profile page in MarketPlace, AND
  2. Orders must be approved and dispatched within seven days from the time of placing the order.

For questions regarding this update, please email help@ncsu.edu.

Submitting MarketPlace Orders

When submitting a MarketPlace order, a detailed business purpose must be provided to ensure accurate processing and correct account codes are used to code the purchase to the most appropriate allowable expense category (grants or State and Federal funds). For example, “Purchasing X for purpose of Y” or “Purchasing paper towels for rodent lab cages.”

New Contract Review Portal

A contract is any document that legally binds the University to another party. Contracts can take many forms, including affiliation agreements, memoranda of understanding (MOUs), terms and conditions (T&C’s), letters of agreement, on-line click-through agreements and a variety of other labels. All contracts requiring payment must be submitted on the contracts portal to receive a NCSU contract control number. This must be referenced for any payment vouchers where a contract was required by the vendor/supplier or NCSU. The portal can be found at https://materialsmgmt.ofa.ncsu.edu/our-services/contract-review-services/.

For more information including a helpful Q&A page from NC State's General Counsel, please visit https://generalcounsel.ncsu.edu/legal-topics/business-matters/contracts/.

Independent Contractor (IC) Contracts and Transactions

An independent contractor (IC) is a person, business or corporation that provides goods or services to the university under terms specified in a written contract or agreement. When procuring outside services (e.g., catering agreements, guest speaker agreements, volunteer research agreements, etc.), NC State requires ALL independent contractors (ICs) to have a contract control number. Additionally, the following guidelines should be followed:

  • A contractor’s product or service should not be secured until a contract is in place - Purchasing will not review contracts retrospectively.
  • Payment to ICs using a PCard is allowable; however, a contract control number must be in place before payment occurs.
  • Regardless of the cost of the service ($50, $5,000, $25,000, etc.), if an IC is being used, the University contract review process must be followed. If a contract is not in place, the IC can not be paid.
  • Additional Independent Contractor guidelines can be found at: https://materialsmgmt.ofa.ncsu.edu/our-services/contract-review-services/contract-review-guidelines/.


Travel Updates and Reminders

Prepaid Travel Expenses

As a reminder, airfare and registration fees are the only travel expenses that may be prepaid using university funds (including payments on PCards). Lodging may be prepaid only up to one nights’ stay when required to book the reservation.

Federal Per Diem Rates

When approved, Federal per diem meals can be claimed by following the steps below:

  1. Exclude all state per diem meals
  2. Add the total of the Federal per diem meals to the Excess Meal category and use the type "Other"
  3. Upload a breakdown of the meal calculations listing each day and the rate used for that day
  4. Upload a print-out of the rate information for the city/country from the State Department's website


PCard Updates and Deadlines

Please take a moment to review the deadlines and reminders below to help ensure PCard policies and procedures are being followed and transactions are processed in a timely manner.

July PCard Statements

The July PCard Statement deadline is 5 p.m. on August 20. CALS CBO Reconcilers will approve statements at the college level by August 6. If the cardholder is missing additional information they will receive an email from their reconciler via cals_cbo_pcard@ncsu.edu.

During the statement approval process, reconcilers review the statements for reconciliation errors and will process JV’s where necessary. Cardholders who did not have their PCard receipts uploaded into the PCard Center by July 22 should submit a JV request via ServiceNow.

August PCard Reconciliation

The reconciliation deadline for August is August 22. To guarantee reconciliation of PCard transactions, please ensure the following:

  • Upload receipts within 1-3 days of the transaction date.
  • Avoid uploading all receipts the day before or on the day of reconciliation deadline.

When uploading PCard receipts please remember the following:

  1. Itemized receipts must include:
    • Vendor name and address
    • Date of order
    • Description of item(s) purchased
    • Quantity of item(s) purchased
    • Shipping to address
    • Total breakdown of expenses
  2. Detailed business purpose
    • A brief sentence or two on how the item or service is used. An indication such as "maintenance supply" or "lab supply" does not provide sufficient information to ensure the proper coding of transactions.
  3. Provide the project phase when you do not want to use your project default for the transaction, travel authorization number when applicable, and any other necessary documentation.


CALS Contracts & Grants Updates

Information about 3D Memo: Contracts & Grants and Student Fees

The following 3D Memo about federal regulations and Uniform Guidance regarding contracts & grants and student fees was released in July: https://3dmemos.ncsu.edu/memo/contracts-grants-and-student-fees.

CALS C&G is currently working with the Office of Research & Innovation and the Graduate School to obtain a list of current grants on which student fees are being paid. Once obtained, we will work with the appropriate PIs on how to move forward with implementing the changes on the post award side, in terms of existing grants that are paying for student fees.

In the interim, if there are any questions in regards to current Fellowships or other programs, please reach out to your post award consultant, Shirley Patterson or Holly Lipkovich.

Please note the 3D Memo has gone into effect for pre-award; therefore, we are not budgeting for student fees on proposals, unless allowable per the request for proposal.

Additionally, departments should review the recommendation to increase graduate stipends to offset the student fees. These were mentioned in sections 2b and 3 of the memo.

Lastly, there is a planned Q&A session in the next month which will discuss the recent changes to student fees.


Staff Updates

Business Services Supervisor Shelia Walden Retired

Business Services Supervisor, Shelia Walden retired on August 1. Please contact Tiffany Bryant at tlbryan3@ncsu.edu or 919-515-7919 for assistance in regards to the following accounting areas: Wex Cards and Accounts Payable transactions including Vouchers, JVs, IDJs, Requisitions, and MarketPlace approvals.

Welcome Accounts Receivable Technician, Paul Ballance

We are excited to welcome Paul Ballance to the Business Services team as our newest Accounts Receivable Accounting Technician. Paul joins us from UNC-Chapel Hill, where he was an Assistant Finance Officer. Prior to joining UNC-Chapel Hill, Paul worked 11 years with the New England Federal Credit Union. He holds a Bachelor's in Accounting from Hofstra University. Please join us in welcoming Paul to the CBO.

Farewell to Business Services Approver, Asia Gray-Battle

Please join us in wishing Business Services team member Asia Gray-Battle well as she has accepted a new opportunity. Asia has been a great asset to Business Services as an Approver for the past three and a half years. Her contributions to the CBO have been valuable and greatly appreciated. Asia’s last day is August 9. We wish her well with her new endeavors.

Farewell to Pre-Award Consultant, Aletta Davis

Please join us in congratulating Aletta Davis, Pre-Award Consultant, as she progresses in her research career within NC State. We appreciate all of Aletta’s effort and support during her tenure at CALS, where she was a valuable member of our team. Aletta’s last day with CALS is August 14. Wes Winkelman, Pre Award Manager, will be contacting the departments assigned to Aletta to provide the interim pre-award contact information while we work to fill the position. If there are any questions, please reach out to cals_preaward@ncsu.edu.

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