Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I access my files from a CALS Multimedia Facility?
    Files saved to your Unity account may be accessed through the K:\ drive or the My Documents folder on the desktop after you have logged in. Some exceptions may apply.
  • What if the batteries in the microphone die or the bulb in the document camera blows?
    Our equipment is checked regularly, however, if you have problems please call the Help Desk at 515-6777 Option 2 or send an email to and we’ll send a consultant to resolve the issue.
  • What if I can't log in to the computer?
    Call the HelpDesk and report the problem. In most cases this can be solved over the phone. We also have a generic user login capability. While you will not have access to your Unity space, Office applications such as PowerPoint will be available. To log in as a generic user, follow the instructions located on the lectern.
  • Are chalk, erasers, overhead and dry erase markers provided in facilities?
    Chalk and erasers are provided by the housekeeping staff. Whiteboard and overhead transparency markers are the responsibility of the instructor. Instructors should contact the person responsible for supplies in their department.
  • What applications are on the computers in CALS Multimedia Facilities?
    All CALS multimedia facilities have Mozilla, Internet Explorer and the Microsoft Office Suite. Some facilities may have specialized software, but instructors are encouraged to make use of the Virtual Computing Lab for other software needs.
  • How to remove SmartBoard Toolbar