Web Services

Your CALS IT Web Development Team is here to help you create web-based applications for a variety of specific user needs.

  • tracking the records of individual students for a class project or internship;
  • compliling reports;
  • automating a paperwork chain;

Please reach out to us if you would like to discuss a new or existing applications.


Advising Scheduler

Did you know that the CALS Web Development Team has an Advising Scheduler? This tool allows Advisers to create an advising calendar complete with rules for various student classifications. When a student accesses the site, they are directed to their Advisers calendar. Appointments are then scheduled/modified/cancelled via the online interface eliminating the need for paper calendars and sign-ups.

Web Site Builder - Legacy

Easy to maintain web site builder. No html or dreamweaver experience needed. Utilizes all of the required NC State Branding.


Create and administer a survey. These surveys can be designed to allow for anonymous respondents, may be limited to a specific list of NC State repondents, allow for immediate reports, and much more.


In conjunction with CALS Communications and Departmental Web Liasons, CALS IT will arrange for OIT supported infrastructure. CALS IT staff will provide production and development web service support, change control and incident management processes/procedures, and some monitoring tools necessary to deliver web support in a timely fashion.

CALS Registration

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